Contract Nursing

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What is Contract Nursing?

Experience unmatched flexibility with contract nursing jobs! Contract nursing is a temporary employment arrangement in which a nurse is hired for a specific duration, often to fill short-term staffing needs. These contracts typically last for a predetermined period, providing flexibility for both the nurse and the employer.

Why Work Contract Nursing Jobs?

Infographic: Post-Pandemic Work Trends in Healthcare Staffing

Flexibility: Contract nursing jobs put you in charge. You work for yourself, meaning you have more control over your schedule and location. You can choose assignments that fit your lifestyle, goals, and commitments.

Variety of Experience: What better way to gain experience than to experience it all? Contract nursing jobs give you the chance to work in different settings, such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and more.

Professional Growth: This diverse experience can help advance your career, giving you unique insights, a fresh perspective, and an increased network.

Great Pay: Contract nursing jobs often pay more than full-time nursing jobs. With increased pay, flexibility, and opportunities, the options are endless for contract nurses.

Ready to start your search for contract nursing jobs? Start here. Your CareerStaff recruiter can help you find roles to choose from.

Types of Contract Nursing Jobs

As a contract nurse, you’ll enter contracts with facilities for specific durations, giving you the opportunity to gain diverse experience, explore different work environments, and enjoy more flexibility compared to full-time positions. Learn more about contract nursing types below!

Local Nursing

Local contract nursing jobs can offer you:

Stability & Consistency: Unlike travel nursing, local contract assignments typically involve working in the same facility for an extended period of time, which can provide a sense of familiarity and routine.

Established Support System: Stay close to your family and friends and make more by continually building a network in your community.

Work-Life Balance: Choose the assignments you want, and spend your free time doing what you love. No need to pack your bags or move around.

Per Diem Nursing

Per diem nurses access unmatched career benefits, including:

Work When You Want: Per diem nurses have the freedom to work as much or as little as they choose. They can often pick up shifts that fit their availability and preferences.

Higher Hourly Rates: Per diem nurses often receive higher hourly rates than staff nurses. Many also earn additional compensation, such as shift differentials or bonuses.

Opportunity for Extra Income: Per diem nursing can be an excellent option for nurses who want to supplement their income.

Why CareerStaff?

As one of the nation’s leading travel nurse recruitment companies, we also offer an extensive network of local and per diem opportunities for nurses of all types and specialties. Because we have so many relationships with facilities across the country, we get thousands of requests for nurses every day — and we’re looking to build out our network with great nurses to help fill these roles. 

Contract nursing jobs from CareerStaff also give you the chance to help out a facility that’s in need of skilled nurses to meet its patient care goals. Whether it’s a crisis-response position in a local hospital or a per diem assignment to help cover regular staff, by working a contract nursing job you can be confident that you’re offering help where it’s needed the most. As a member of the CareerStaff network, you’ll also get top pay as well as a full range of benefits.

Benefits of Contract Nursing Jobs:

Weekly Direct Deposit

Medical, Dental, & Vision

Flexible Spending & Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Life Insurance


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From positions in leading hospitals to work in SNF, LTC, senior living, and other types of patient care facilities, we offer assignments across the spectrum of clinical settings. Some of the settings we provide contract nurses to are:  

  • State, local, and private hospitals
  • Rehab facilities 
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Correctional facilities 
  • Schools and educational facilities 
  • Skilled nursing and long-term care facilities