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Unparalleled Nurse Benefits

Your pay. Your way.

Elevate your experience through comprehensive benefits, top-tier nurse salary, and perks! At CareerStaff, we also provide comprehensive benefits including health and wellness coverage, flexible schedules, and unparalleled support.

As a local, travel, or per diem nurse, discover the extraordinary benefits and salary packages that await you on your fulfilling career path with CareerStaff.

Local Contract: Nurse Benefits & Salary

Your passion. Your benefit.

As a local contract nurse, we’ve got you covered! At CareerStaff, your well-being is as important as the exceptional care you provide. Therefore, our suite of benefits and competitive pay are designed to cater to your every need, allowing you to focus on patient care while we take care of you. In addition, enjoy unmatched support, limitless career growth, and top-pay that you deserve.

Earn What You Deserve

Ignite your nursing career with us, where your passion meets unparalleled rewards. Our competitive hourly and weekly rates often soars above industry averages, offering you the chance to maximize your nurse salary. In fact, our top earning nurses bring in over six figures a year!

Health, Wellness, and Life Coverage

Your well-being is our priority. As a full time nurse, enjoy comprehensive health benefits including health, vision, dental and life insurance coverage, ensuring you have access to the care you need while on assignment.

401k Retirement Plans

Invest and plan for your future with confidence. As a full time nurse, you also have the opportunity to enroll in 401(k) retirement benefits, helping you build a secure financial foundation for the years ahead.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Lifestyle

Empower your local contract nursing journey with unparalleled flexibility. Tailor your full or time part-time schedule to your life, whether you thrive during the day, night, or on weekends. Elevate your career with the perfect work-life balance.

Guaranteed Weekly Pay & Direct Deposit

Experience financial peace of mind with guaranteed weekly pay! As a local nurse, you can receive your salary and weekly earnings via direct deposit. If you don’t have a bank account, no worries! You can also choose to access your earnings through a pay card.

Per Diem: Nurse Benefits & Salary

Your care. Your time.

Craving freedom and flexibility? As a CareerStaff per diem nurse, discover unmatched salary and benefits! Earn extra income on your time with shifts that fit your schedule, covering short-term needs, picking up PRN shifts, or providing additional coverage. Additionally, featuring competitive nurse salary and a weekly pay guarantee, you can tailor your work experience to match your lifestyle.

Competitive Hourly Rates

As a per diem nurse, you’ll enjoy competitive hourly rates that reflect your skills and experience. Recognizing your expertise, we offer unmatched compensation, ensuring you’re rewarded at a level that reflects your dedication to filling in where you’re needed most.

Flexible Shifts for Your Lifestyle

Want to pick up a shift? As a per-diem nurse, you hold the power of freedom and flexibility in your hands! Enjoy the convenience of choosing shifts when and where you’re needed most, allowing you to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Guaranteed Weekly Pay & Direct Deposit

Experience financial peace of mind with guaranteed weekly pay! As a per diem nurse, you can receive your salary and weekly earnings via direct deposit. If you don’t have a bank account, no worries! You can also choose to access your earnings through a pay card.

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Unmatched Travel Nurse Benefits & Salary

Your Adventure. Your Reward.

Embark on a rewarding travel nursing adventure with CareerStaff! Enjoy nationwide assignments, housing, and travel stipends, all complemented by top-tier pay. The travel nurse benefits are endless.

Discover why so many nurses travel with CareerStaff — your journey to excellence starts here!

Nurse Perks, Bonuses, and Unparalleled Support

Your dedication. Your support.

Elevate your nursing career with CareerStaff. Additionally, your benefits benefits include perks from bonus opportunities and personalized support to clear paths for career advancement. Whether you’re a local contract, per diem, or travel nurse, experience a fulfilling journey where your success is our top priority. Get started today!

Bonus Programs and Incentives

As a local contract nurse with CareerStaff, you’ll have opportunities to earn additional bonuses. Plus, enjoy discounts and exclusive incentives. These include quick start or completion bonuses and our referral bonus program. Earn up to $750* for each clinician you refer!

Personalized Support

Feel supported around the clock with our dedicated team available 24/7. If you have a question about your assignment, need assistance with scheduling, or need clinical support, our team is here to ensure you have the resources and guidance you need.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Enjoy personalized career support, providing opportunities to explore new settings and helping you outline assignments aligned with their goals. At CareerStaff, your professional growth is nurtured, and your career goals become reality.

Nurse Salary and Benefits FAQs

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What is the average nurse salary?

In 2023, the average base salary for registered nurses is about $1,697 per week or around $92,741 a year. For per diem nurses, the average hourly rate is around $33 per hour or $1,332 per week. Earnings can also vary based on location, facility, or state.

However, many local CareerStaff nurses can earn more than $2,000-$3,000 per week, depending on the assignment type, demand, and bonuses!

Similarly, travel nurses can boost their salary by taking advantage of travel incentives and tax-free stipends.

Take your career to new heights and connect with a CareerStaff recruiter to see how much you can earn!

Do local contract or travel nurses get benefits?

Yes! Unlike other agencies where benefits aren’t guaranteed, in addition to top-pay and perks, comprehensive benefits for full-time nurses typically include:

Medical Plans
Dental Plans
Vision Plans
401(k) Plan
Life Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)/Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Pre-Tax Spending Accounts, and more.

Additionally, there are also many other benefits CareerStaff clinicians enjoy, from hundreds of assignments nationwide to referral bonus opportunities.

What is the highest paid nursing job?

Travel nurses are among the highest paid nurses, with many grossing over six figures a year including base salary, stipends, bonuses, and more.

In 2023, jobs in critical care (ICU), telemetry, emergency room, operating room, and cath lab settings fetched some of the highest nurse salaries. However, the amount paid typically depends on various factors such as the work setting, nurse specialty, demand, and location.

By partnering with CareerStaff, we’ll work with you to maximize your earnings and reach a compensation package that you deserve!

What are the benefits of PRN/per diem nursing?

Per diem nursing at offers unmatched flexibility. Unlike traditional nurses, PRN and per diem nurses have the benefit of deciding when and where they want to work.

Enjoy the freedom to choose your shifts, create a personalized schedule, and earn competitive wages where you’re needed most. Additionally, experience the ideal work-life balance while making a meaningful impact in diverse healthcare settings.

Discover which nursing contract type is right for you!

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  • Senior living, skilled nursing (SNF), and long-term care facilities (LTC)
  • Schools and educational facilities
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