Medical Surgical Nursing

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What is Medical Surgical Nursing?

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Medical surgical nurses — also called med/surg nurses — traditionally work in hospitals, clinics, physician practices, or similar settings. These nurses also work in skilled nursing facilities and post-acute care centers, as well as non-traditional settings like home health and telemedicine. Med/surg nurses are among the most in-demand nursing professionals in the United States.

  • Help patients prepare for and recover from surgery
  • Record patient vital signs, monitor equipment, and interpret the data
  • Provide bedside care like managing IVs, changing dressings, recording vitals, and administering any prescribed medications

Medical Surgical Nursing F.A.Q.

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What skills are commonly needed for medical surgical nursing?

Because med/surg nurses care for patients undergoing various types of surgical procedures with various conditions, a good range of clinical knowledge is essential.

Med/Surg nurses help to coordinate pre and post-surgical care, and may also be required to lead a team of interprofessional caregivers. That means developing organization, communication, coordination, planning, and leadership skills is key.

How do you become a medical surgical nurse?

Most medical/surgical nurses are registered nurses (RNs). To be an RN, a nurse must have graduated from an accredited nursing program and have a current nursing license that’s in good standing with the issuing state. Specific certifications may be required for specific med/surg nursing jobs, such as basic life support (BLS) certification.

What experience is often required to be a medical surgical nurse?

Many of the med/surg nursing career opportunities require experience of at least a year. However, given the immense demand for these nurses, some employers may hire nurses with less experience, making medical/surgical nursing a good starting job for RNs.

What is the average medical surgical nurse salary?

According to, the average med/surg nurse salary in the U.S. is $100,091 in 2022. This figure is a national average and a med/surg salary could be more or less depending on the state. For example, a higher salary may be available for certain travel jobs in high-demand areas.

You can see what kind of med/surg nurse salaries are available now by browsing available med/surg nursing jobs here.

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