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Your Labor and Delivery Nursing Career

Bring joy to your patients and their families each day with labor and delivery nursing. The life of an L&D nurse is filled with endless fulfillment. You can find opportunities to travel for work, earn an excellent salary and benefits, and enjoy lasting job security. We’re now staffing for L&D nurse jobs across the country. Find the local or travel career opportunity you’ve been searching for with CareerStaff.

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What is a Labor and Delivery Nurse?

A labor and delivery nurse cares for mothers and their newborns throughout the birth process. From educating families and providing reassurance to monitoring pain and assisting with the delivery, L&D nurses are the backbone of the birth process. Labor and delivery nurses act as advocates and support teams for moms in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

What do L&D Nurses do?

A labor and delivery nurse works alongside OBGYNs to support moms and babies every step of the way to:

● Evaluate physical and mental needs during and after labor.
● Educate new and expecting parents by providing labor, delivery, and
postpartum resources.
● Monitor the expectant mother’s vitals and administer medications.
● Assist with labor and delivery.

Labor and Delivery Nursing F.A.Q.

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How much do labor and delivery nurses make?

According to, the average labor and delivery nurse makes an average of $78,700 per year or more. This can vary depending on your region, experience, and other factors as an L&D nurse.

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How do I become a labor and delivery nurse?

Want to become a L&D Nurse? You’ll need an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor in Science of Nursing. To get started in labor and delivery nursing, you’ll need an average of 1 year of experience as an RN.

What certifications are required to become a labor and delivery nurse?

Aside from your registered nurse licensure, you may need a certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). This can equip you with the necessary skills to protect your patients intrapartum and postpartum. You might further your opportunities by earning an Inpatient Obstetric (RNC-OB) certification.

What skills make a good labor and delivery nurse?

A labor and delivery nurse is a caregiver, advocate, and support system. To be a successful L&D nurse, you’ll want to develop:

● Positive communication and listening skills.
● A calming, caring, and empathetic presence.
● Prioritization, decision-making, and time management skills.
● Patient assessment skills to regularly monitor and discuss effective labor and delivery decisions.

How do you gain experience in labor and delivery nursing?

After passing the NCLEX exam, you’ll need at least 1 year of experience as an RN. During this time, you may want to seek experience in postpartum nursing, intrapartum nursing, fetal monitoring, and nursery. This can help you gain the experience and confidence needed to provide for mothers and their babies throughout the care process.

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