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Your Emergency Room Nursing Career

Make a difference by working on the frontlines of the healthcare industry in emergency room nursing. Enjoy meaningful work, discover learning opportunities, and take on new challenges each day as a team. Our passionate recruiters are ready to support your career goals. Find local or travel ER nurse jobs with CareerStaff today.

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What is an ER Nurse?

Emergency room nursing is the lifeline for patients needing quality care, quickly. As an ER nurse, you’ll work with patients facing life-threatening conditions. You’ll gain experience treating patients with a variety of injuries, illnesses, and backgrounds. Ultimately, you’ll make decisions and care for patients when they need it most.

What do ER Nurses do?

No day looks the same for an emergency room nurse. In emergency room nursing, you see it all. As you care for your patients, you’ll be responsible to:

  • Triage, stabilize, and prioritize patients.
  • Conduct minor medical procedures, such as setting broken bones, cleaning wounds, and applying stitches.
  • Draw blood, start IVs, and administer medication.
  • Manage patient records and transfer patients between units.

Emergency Room Nursing F.A.Q.

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How do I become an emergency room nurse?

Emergency room nursing is not only fast-paced, but it’s in high demand. To become an emergency room nurse, you’ll need to become a registered RN. This means graduating from an accredited nursing program and having a current nursing license in good standing with your issuing state.

After 2 years of experience working as an RN, you can seek your Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) credentials.

You can further your opportunities by obtaining certifications such as:
● Certified Flight Registered Nurse Certification (CFRN)
● Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse Certification (CPEN)
● Certified Transport Registered Nurse Certification (CTRN)

How much does an emergency room nurse make?

According to Salary.com, the average ER nurse jobs pay an annual salary of $75,284 or more. Note that this is a national average, and salaries may vary depending on location, experience, and other factors.

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What types of nurses work in the emergency room?

There are several career paths for ER nurse jobs. Working in emergency room nursing allows you to always be on the move and get the chance to work, see, and gain experience in many types of ER nurse jobs, such as:

● Triage Nurse
● Code Nurse
● Trauma Nurse
● Disaster Response Nurse
● Flight Nurse
● Pediatric ED Nurse
● Critical-Care Transport (CCT) Nurse
● Burn Center Nurse
● Geriatric ED Nurse

What skills do you need to be an emergency room nurse?

Wondering if becoming an ER nurse is the right path for you? Emergency room nursing is one of the most high-stakes yet highly rewarding careers. You’ll thrive in ER nurse jobs if:

● You’re calm under pressure.
● You enjoy seeing new patients and gaining new experiences each day.
● You’re good at thinking on your feet.
● You’re passionate about working with diverse patients and people.
● You’re a caring, empathetic team player.

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