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CareerStaff Managed Services strives to deliver workforce solutions that drive efficiency and value for our healthcare providers.  Our vendor neutral technology staffing solution allows for contract labor management processes to be automated and best practices deployed to provide greater efficiency, compliance, and resource optimization that delivers cost savings. This will help you develop a more nimble, cost-effective, and robust clinical labor pool – flexible and scalable to align with your shifting clinical need and global talent strategy.

CareerStaff Managed Services can help provide a highly customizable solution that will help you accomplish each one of your strategic goals. Your Managed Services account team will partner with you to implement best practices that align with your global management objectives. Key deliverables include reduced administrative costs, greater efficiency, improved compliance and risk management, and greater program visibility through automation.

  • We understand that while we service over 3,000 customers nationwide, each client’s challenges are unique.
  • Dialog will be a staple of success throughout our partnership, with the initial discussions being critical to understanding your specific needs.
  • We want to understand how workforce management strategy impacts your broader organizational goals.
  • Through productive dialog, we will work to discover all the internal and external hurdles you are facing to obtaining optimal efficiency.
  • There are no solutions in a box. Today’s workforce challenges in healthcare are too complex.
  • Together we will craft the perfect solution based on your organizational needs while leveraging up to date industry best practices.
  • The result is an end-to-end solution that provides process efficiency from managing the orders and compliance to handing the invoices and paying the staffing agencies.
  • Dedicated account managers will establish milestones and benchmarks to deliver transparent measurements every step of the way.
Managed Services Solutions
CareerStaff Managed Services

CareerStaff Managed Services leverages over 30 years of solution-driven staffing services to healthcare clients across the United States. We have subject matter experts operating in 25+ offices supporting Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Interim Management.

Sub-Vendor Pool
Average Hourly Cost Savings
Contract fill rate
Guaranteed Compliance

We will implement a web-based vendor management system (VMS) that will automate the procurement of staff, compliance management, invoicing and reporting. It will provide the technology needed to streamline a holistic talent management program that tracks all processes from initial “req to check.” Total vendor management inclusive of sourcing, selection, rate negotiation and monthly invoicing are just some of our core deliverables.

The compliance evaluation is quick, easy, and free when we payroll your contingent workers through one of our engagement services. Once the evaluation is completed, we will create a compliance file for each contingent worker and recommend the most appropriate engagement solution for them. CareerStaff Managed Services builds your defense against worker misclassification while providing unparalleled service to your contingent workforce.

We convert your non-compliant contingent workers to warranted W-2 employees. As the employer of record, we contract the W-2 employee to your business under the terms of a standard work-for-hire contract, providing assured compliance for the duration of their engagement on your project.

Maximizing your workforce starts with having visibility and insight into every form of talent that enters your facility. CareerStaff Managed Services provides a holistic approach to workforce planning and total talent acquisition and management. We call it an Integrated Talent Strategy. Armed with real-time data, we can help you maximize the labor supply chain for optimal efficiency and resource utilization.

CareerStaff Managed Services collaborates with a powerful internal network of regional leadership serving Nursing, Therapy, Pharmacy, and Interim Management verticals. We follow a proprietary fulfillment approach, which includes system aided collaboration between internal and external niche providers, a central fulfillment hub, and individual recruitment specialists to drive efficiency in the delivery of clinical labor support.

We drive results. Success for your account management team is based on the measurable outcomes of your program in achieving progress against stated initiatives established at implementation and reevaluated throughout the course of the program.

Your dedicated account team will implement systems driven by your policy and established laws to provide reduced risks, increased visibility and peace of mind in the area of compliance. Automated processes through our user-friendly VMS tool will keep this critical piece of your human capital program sound.

CareerStaff Managed Services has maintained trusted partnerships with a diverse pool of providers who have proven capabilities for providing clinical staffing support. As we implement the program, we will integrate your preferred providers and add them to our extensive network of vendors, delivering the best candidate at the best price, as efficiently as possible.

We deliver greater visibility. Your account team will provide access to the critical data needed to drive strategy. Reporting is provided standard and at the frequency desired by your stakeholders. Timely decisions regarding labor trends are now easier due to total transparency. The byproduct is usually increased efficiency and cost savings.

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