Top 4 Benefits of Interim Leadership in Healthcare

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

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Healthcare workers are in high demand for patient care, but what many people do not see is the need for healthcare leadership staffing. Finding the right people for positions in healthcare is a daunting task, especially when it comes to appointing individuals to leadership positions.

The Importance of Interim Leadership in Healthcare

When a leader leaves their position, it leaves the organization vulnerable and in need of an interim leader until the position can be permanently filled. Interim leadership in healthcare is critical to the continuity of operations and care and can lead to a smooth transition once a new leader is selected. Leaving a healthcare leadership position vacant for weeks or months could hinder the organization’s current state and affect other staff members who depended on that individual for direction and leadership.

What to Consider When Selecting an Interim Leader

Many healthcare executives use interim leaders to temporarily fill vacancies. Deciding who serves as an interim leader is important. Here are a few key questions an organization should ask when considering choosing an interim healthcare leader:

  1. Where is the interim leader needed?
  2. Can this interim leader serve the organization’s critical needs?
  3. Why is it urgent to appoint the interim healthcare leader?
  4. What qualities are important in an interim leader from outside of the organization?

Asking these questions can help a healthcare organization understand their needs and expectations for an interim leader which can ultimately help avoid the negative impacts of vacancies in critical positions.

Four Benefits of Hiring Interim Leaders

1. Positive staff morale. In healthcare turnover is high and retaining clinical and administrative staff is imperative to the success of the organization. Providing staff with an interim leader from a staffing partner can boost staff morale after the loss of a leader and can ensure continuity of work. Hiring an interim leader means that the organization will not have a critical vacancy for an extended period. Adjusting to an interim leader can be a challenge, but when the appropriate staffing partner assists in the selection of an interim leader their assimilation in the new organization will boost the trust the staff has in the organization and the future of that department or service line.  

2. Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction. Hiring an interim leader allows a healthcare organization to select an individual with specific skills to assist a department and offer a new perspective on how their issues can be addressed. For example, an interim service line director or department manager can bring their experience and new perspective to the department to evaluate caseloads, staffing needs, and care coordination. Their perspective can help decrease the length of stay as well as costs related to staffing and resources.

3. Preparation for Surveys. Hospitals are constantly being reviewed by governmental agencies like CMS, insurance companies, and accrediting bodies like the Joint Commission. Reliable and continuous leadership are key to ensuring the success of a healthcare organization. An interim healthcare leader ensures that there are no gaps in the organization’s pursuit and renewal of CMS designations, certifications, and reimbursements. 

4. Smooth Transitions. Hiring an interim leader from a trusted staffing source like CareerStaff ensures that a healthcare organization hires an individual who can fill a critical role for a specified period until a permanent replacement is put in place. An interim leader helps an organization to continue to run smoothly and will know enough about the organization to assist in training and transitioning the role to a permanent hire once the organization has found the perfect candidate for the role.

Looking for Interim Healthcare Staffing Solutions?

CareerStaff works with employers to find you the best interim healthcare leadership. As a Joint Commission Certified company, we are able to find you the best candidates and solutions by thoughtfully reviewing necessary skills, experience, and personality to fit your healthcare organization’s mission and vision.

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