7 Reasons to Work with a Joint Commission Gold Seal Certified Company

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

group of male and female nurses wearing or scrubs with credentials clipped on top inside a medical facility, with the words on the left CareerStaff is Joint Commission Certified for Health Care Staffing Services and the seal on the bottom right hand side.

What Does CareerStaff’s Joint Commission Gold Seal Certification for Health Care Staffing Mean for Our Partners and Clients?

Have you heard? We recently announced that CareerStaff Unlimited has earned The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification! That’s an exciting new step on our ongoing path to offer the highest-quality healthcare recruitment services to our nationwide network of valued clients.

And if your facility or organization isn’t yet part of that network, our Joint Commission Gold Seal is a great reason to consider joining! If you’re seeking new clinical staffing and recruitment solutions, here are 7 great reasons why our new Gold Seal certification should make CareerStaff your top choice.

7 Reasons to Work With A Joint Commission Gold Seal Certified Company

#1: We’re dedicated to transparency and high standards. By signing up for The Joint Commission Gold Seal Certification process, we agreed to allow the commission to conduct a thorough evaluation of our processes based on unannounced visits conducted both virtually and in-person.

From our leadership team to human resources, IT and performance management, the Joint Commission review is a comprehensive, unbiased examination of every aspect of our business. Undergoing a review of this scale underlines our commitment to meeting the most important standards. It also shows that we’re willing to open up our processes to audit from a third party to demonstrate that we’re truly committed to the standards we promote.

#2: We’re scoring high marks with the people who matter. In determining whether a company is worthy of Gold Seal status, The Joint Commission applies standards that are painstakingly established and continuously improved. That means regularly consulting with “doctors, nurses, and quality and safety experts to review the current standards and make recommendations for improvements.”

#3: We’re working to achieve greater consistency and reliability. Gold Seal standards are rigorous for good reason. By applying the same exacting standards to each organization it reviews, The Joint Commission is actively working to reduce “variation in clinical processes,” which, in turn, helps the facilities it reviews to “establish a consistent approach to care, reducing the risk of error.”

#4: We’ve made quality of care a priority. As a healthcare recruitment and workforce management service — as opposed to a care delivery provider — we still understand that the most important metric is the quality of patient care provided by CareerStaff clinicians.

Our Joint Commission Gold Seal certification helps emphasize that mission. In the words of Mark Pelletier, RN, MS, COO for Accreditation and Certification Operations and Chief Nursing Executive for The Joint Commission, the certification shows that a healthcare staffing firm is “committed to fostering continuous quality improvement in patient safety and quality of care.”

#5: We’re committed to continuous improvement. The Joint Commission Gold Seal certification standards leverage expertise in “effective data-driven performance improvement” to gauge an organization’s ability to improve. This is a strong indicator of whether a company has the capacity and commitment to make the choices, set the strategy and take the steps that improvement requires.

“We commend CareerStaff for using certification to strengthen its program structure and management framework, as well as to enhance its staff recruitment and development processes,” added Pelletier in the Gold Seal announcement.

#6: We offer the peace of mind of a fully audited workforce partner. Our Joint Commission Gold Seal certification is also a validation that our processes are working as they should be. Healthcare workforce management is a serious business, and you should choose a partner that can show that it’s serious about reducing your own burden in important areas like risk management and clinical certification.
#7: We’re part of a decades-long standard of quality in healthcare delivery. The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that’s been setting standards since 1951. In the world of healthcare, it’s a universally recognized name, and a universal sign of quality control in healthcare. Why expect anything less from your partner in healthcare staffing, recruitment and workforce management?

Ready To Work With A Joint Commission Gold Seal Company?

We’re standing by to put our certification to work for your facility! For more information about CareerStaff’s healthcare recruitment and workforce services, you can contact us here or send us a quick staffing request here.

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