Short On Nurses And Clinical Workers? Crisis Staffing Solutions Can Help

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

Short on Nurses and Clinical Workers? Crisis Staffing Solutions Can Help

With Covid-19 cases surging across the United States, many facilities are in serious need of qualified nurses, therapists, and other clinicians to fill their patient care needs. If your organization is among them, here are some ways that crisis staffing solutions can help you meet the challenge.

What Type of Crisis Staffing Solution Is Right for You?

How can leaders fill crucial staffing gaps during a crisis? The needs of each facility will vary based on basic data like location, number of beds, and other factors like the local Covid-19 numbers. The solution that works best will likely be some combination of these five main types of crisis staffing services:

Local workers. It’s always a challenge to find clinical talent in some regions, and the shortage caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has only made matters worse. When you partner with a crisis staffing services provider with an established, nationwide network, you’re instantly giving yourself access to many more applicants throughout your area than you may normally be able to reach.

Travel nurses and clinicians. The difficulty of finding local workers is even more intense for rural and remote facilities. Many nursing and clinical professionals live in or near urban areas to take advantage of richer employment opportunities there. But many of these workers are also willing to travel to other parts of the country that need their help.

Partnering with a nationwide recruitment network for travel nurses, therapists and other clinicians can give you access to thousands of workers. For facilities that are in need of crisis workers during this desperate time, travel nurses and clinicians are often the key factor in maintaining patient care. Learn more about CareerStaff’s travel staffing services here.

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Per diem staffing. Having a per diem staffing partner can be a powerful tool to ensure you have the nurses and clinicians you need to cover every shift, especially during a time of crisis. Many of the workers in the CareerStaff network prefer to work on a per-diem basis because of the flexibility it offers. That means we’ve got a coast-to-coast team of professionals standing by to help out when they’re needed.

Healthcare managed services programs (MSPs). Even before the pandemic, many facilities chose to partner with a nationwide MSP provider to get access to a scalable network of thousands of nurses and clinicians while keeping expenses consistent. Now, in a time of crisis staffing, the benefits offered by these all-in-one workforce solutions packages are even more impactful, for facilities of all types.

In addition to thousands of local, travel, and per diem workers, MSP solutions span the range of workforce management, from sourcing and interviewing to onboarding, scheduling, payroll management, and more. MSP can also save your administrative staff countless hours by automating many time-consuming parts of the process.

Vendor management services (VMS). Using a web-based vendor management system (VMS) to automate tasks like invoicing and reporting can be utilized as a part of an MSP solution, or its own stand-alone service. At CareerStaff, we work to ensure that our services are vendor-neutral, meaning we can work with any third-party system or help to create a new, customized solution, as needed.

Many organizations lack the time or resources to measure and monitor specific workforce costs, especially during a crisis. With VMS, leaders get more visibility into their expenses at a time when every cent can be critical, and core staff gets more time to focus on other priorities.

And using MSP or VMS in coordination with crisis staffing services can help ensure that all the travel, local, or per diem nurses and clinicians are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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