COVID-19 Impact Survey Series Reveals the State of Nurses

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

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The State of Nurses One Year After the Pandemic

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous challenges on the healthcare workforce. With the delta variant causing an increase in cases nationwide, the pressures placed on our nurses and clinical staff are not slowing down.

The American Nurses Foundation and the American Nurses Association conducted a comprehensive survey to learn more about the impact the pandemic has had on U.S. nurses over the past year. The survey, “American Nurses Foundation, Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses COVID-19 Survey Series: Year One COVID-19 Impact Assessment, February 2021,” contains feedback gathered from 22,316 nurses from January 19 – February 16, 2021. The data from the surveys are intended to be used to inform decisions about how healthcare leaders can best support nurses during and after this crisis. Here are key statistics from the COVID-19 impact survey that reinforce the importance of having a staffing plan and how it can position you and your nurses for success.

State of the Nursing Profession

According to the survey, nurses were asked about the state of the profession. Despite the challenges the pandemic has caused, most nurses do not intend to leave their current position. However, 18% of nurses intend to leave their current position within the next six months, and 21% are undecided. Reasons for wanting to leave their position include:

  • Work is negatively affecting my health and well-being – 47%
  • Insufficient Staffing – 45%
  • Feel a lack of support from their employers during the pandemic – 33%
  • To keep themselves and their family safe and healthy – 21%

The survey also asked if nurses intended to leave the nursing profession within the next six months with 4% agreeing and 11% still undecided. Reasons for nurses wanting to leave the nursing profession include:

  • Retirement – 52%
  • Work is negatively affecting my health and well-being – 47%
  • Insufficient staffing – 41%
  • To keep themselves and their family safe and healthy – 28%

Nursing Concerns and Planning for the Future

To help address concerns and provide the support nurses need, the survey asked about the top concerns outside of work and what can be done to help them feel better prepared for a future public health crisis. 41% of nurses said the top concern outside of work is their family finance and debt. When asked what could be done to help them feel better prepared, the results showed:

  • Consistent and better executed national health policies and public intervention plans – 74%
  • Effective leadership communication – 67%
  • Increased staffing – 66%
  • Continuing education in disaster preparedness – 50%
  • Continuing education in emergency and critical care – 44%

Do You Need a Strategic Plan for Nurse Staffing?

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