CareerStaff Joins Forces with ShiftMed: A New Healthcare Workforce Era

smiling healthcare workforce in scrubs

Introducing a digital-first approach to healthcare workforce management! CareerStaff Unlimited, a leading Healthcare Managed Service Provider (MSP), was recently acquired by CareSave Technologies Inc., owner of ShiftMed, a leader in on-demand workforce technology. In an era of shortages, this industry-first acquisition marks a landmark in healthcare staffing.

Together with ShiftMed, discover enhanced efficiency and a robust solution to bridge these critical staffing gaps when it matters most.

An ‘Unlimited’ Approach to Staffing

For over 30 years, CareerStaff has streamlined workforce management and patient care for facilities nationwide. This especially with our Healthcare Managed Services Program (MSP), designed to optimize workforce efficiency. As such, integrating CareerStaff with ShiftMed propels us further into the digital era of healthcare staffing, allowing us to fulfill 100% of on-demand staffing needs through one comprehensive workforce platform.

ShiftMed’s Workforce Management Platform revolutionizes staffing solutions for healthcare facilities, connecting thousands of facilities with credentialed nursing professionals. For facility leaders, this offers a unified platform to optimize the entire workforce ecosystem efficiently.

Your Staffing Needs, One Unified Solution

ShiftMed integrates its acclaimed mobile-first suite with CareerStaff’s expansive network and elite MSP solution, launching the industry’s first full-spectrum digital MSP. Facilities can also discover a full suite of custom digital solutions to supercharge their clinical recruitment, retention, and patient care.

A New Era in Healthcare Workforce Management

CareerStaff joining forces with ShiftMed represents an exciting chapter in our journey. However, our commitment to providing facilities with the highest quality service and dedication remains as strong as ever. Together, we’re thrilled to transform the digital future of healthcare staffing and help healthcare facilities exceed their patient care goals.

Contact us today for more information about innovative healthcare workforce management solutions for your facility or submit a staffing request now.