Whitepaper: Current Challenges with Acute Care Staffing

nurse in blue scrubs and hospital administrator in beige suit discussing the current challenges with acute care staffing

Happy National Hospital Week from CareerStaff Unlimited! We’re marking the occasion with an in-depth look at the current challenges with acute care staffing in hospitals across the United States. A new whitepaper from CareerStaff takes a closer look at what’s driving today’s biggest acute care challenges, including healthcare workforce planning, and what leaders can do about it.

Understanding the Current Challenges with Acute Care Staffing

Covering a wide range of critical care services, acute care is essential to a functioning hospital. Yet acute care staffing has grown more difficult today since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finding and retaining workers, plus the need to treat more high-acuity patients, are just two of the largest elements of this challenge. However, they’re not the only challenges acute care leaders face today.

Acute Care Staffing Action Items

How can leaders make sure their acute care staffing plan is ready to meet and overcome these healthcare workforce planning challenges? For our National Hospital Week whitepaper, we explore some action items to do just that:

  • Updating your disaster plan to include specific acute care staffing strategies.
  • Expanding capacity with digital/remote care technology.
  • Embracing education, skill building and career development for nurses and other essential clinicians.
  • Streamlining key tasks with the help of a healthcare managed service provider (MSP), and more.

The whitepaper, “Acute Care Workforce Planning After Covid-19: Seven Action Items for Healthcare Leaders,” is designed to give acute care leaders the insights they need to navigate today’s challenges.

>Download the whitepaper now for the full list of action items.

Tackle Today’s Acute Care Staffing Challenges with CareerStaff

Maintaining acute and critical care staffing has never been more challenging — or important. If it’s time to upgrade your organization’s acute-care staffing plan, we’re standing by to help. As a leading provider of Joint Commission-Certified staffing and workforce solutions, you can trust CareerStaff to provide the expertise your organization needs to tackle workforce challenges.

Request a consultation and learn more about how we can help here. Or, take a deeper dive into the issue by downloading our new whitepaper today.

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