Whitepaper: 10 Solutions for Improving Access to Healthcare

elderly patient holding tablet device and having telehealth call with nurse in blue scrubs to have access to healthcare

Improving patient access to healthcare helps organizations boost patient engagement and outcomes, and ultimately earn more reimbursement dollars. But it’s also a difficult goal for many organizations. In a new whitepaper from CareerStaff, our experts explain what leaders should know about improving organizational access, potential solutions to long-term challenges, and how workforce solutions partners can help.

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Adapting Your Workforce Strategy for Patient Access

Thirty years ago, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine defined access to care as the “timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes.” Today, regulators see access as the best way to achieve value-based care. Moreover, they’ve tied reimbursement to the level of access offered by each organization, making it a major priority for leaders.

However, success in improving access to healthcare means overcoming some major obstacles. Rising out-of-pocket costs, lack of access in rural areas, the inability of busy patients to access traditional 9-to-5 care — these are just a few of the challenges. Yet, overcoming these challenges can foster better patient outcomes, increased revenue, and equitable care delivery.

10 Ways to Improve Patient Access to Healthcare

Therefore, to overcome patient access obstacles, leaders should focus on 10 key areas of improvement. As we explain in our new whitepaper, “Adapting Your Workforce Strategy for Patient Access,” these key action items can include:

  • Extending hours beyond the traditional 9-to-5 model
  • Updating scheduling processes to better accommodate all patients
  • Embracing patient portals and mobile apps
  • Utilizing automation, so workers can do more in less time
  • Better monitoring patient satisfaction and feedback
  • Offering more pricing options and greater financial transparency
  • Employing more staff, including travel and/or contingency workers
  • Boosting staff retention rates
  • Leveraging telehealth and remote care technology
  • Utilizing data and analytics to better understand specific challenges

True, many of these solutions will require rethinking key processes. However, facilities who embrace these solutions will be better positioned to offer high-quality, timely care.

Adapt Your Strategy to Improve Patient Access

As a leading provider of workforce management solutions, CareerStaff is standing by to help your organization make the updates needed for improving access to healthcare. Learn more today — download the whitepaper to adapt your workforce strategy and prioritize access to healthcare services.

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