Employer Guide: How Has Average Nurse Salary Shifted Since COVID-19?

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Nurse salary rates have spiked since Covid-19 in most places, and among virtually all specialties, settings and job types. But will this trend continue now that the industry has entered a post-pandemic phase? And how do these increases differ by location, setting and specialty? Healthcare employers can explore answers to these questions and much more in the new 2023-2024 Nurse Salary Guide from CareerStaff.

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2023-2024 Nurse Salary Guide for Employers

From a rundown of current salaries for RNs, LPNs/LVNS and CNAs to an analysis of how they’ll likely change in the years to come, our nurse salary guide is an essential resource for leaders planning their workforce budgets — complete with data from sources like the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Medscape’s latest survey, and CareerStaff’s propriety data, among other sources.

The Nurse Salary Guide also offers:

  • Separate analyses of salary rates for RNs, LPNs, LVNs, and CNAs
  • A breakdown of salaries by state, region and metro/nonmetro areas
  • Insights into how much salaries rose during Covid-19, compared to their previous rate of growth
  • A look at the clinical settings with the highest nurse salary rates
  • The non-clinical settings that are driving higher salaries
  • A review of the highest-paying specialties, and how they’re changing as Covid-19 subsides
  • Current travel nursing salary rates, and how they’ve changed since the pandemic
  • Key takeaways for at-a-glance assessment of the most important insights, and more!

Our Salary Guide also integrates all of the info above to help leaders prepare their budgets for the future. For instance, how much should employers expect salary rates to rise in the next few years? How about rates for travel nurses? Additionally, how will extra compensation like signing bonuses, overtime and benefits expansion factor in?

These are big questions, and they require urgent answers. Make sure your organization is in the loop with the insights that really matter. Download your copy of the CareerStaff 2023-2024 Nurse Salary Guide today to ensure a balanced workforce budget tomorrow.

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