How to Maintain Business Continuity During a Healthcare Staffing Crisis

Last Updated on March 23, 2022

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Though it’s unprecedented in size, the new coronavirus probably isn’t the first healthcare staffing crisis your facility has faced — and it likely won’t be the last, either. No matter what level it’s affected you so far, recent events are showing everyone the need to be able to adapt to the unexpected.

Though there’s no magic formula to ensure that you always have the amount of clinicians you need when you need them, there are ways to stack the deck in your favor and reduce your level of risk. Chief among these tactics is partnering with a healthcare managed services provider (MSP) that can give you access to a vast network of nurses and clinicians ready to help out when you need it the most.

Whether the goal of your facility is to provide healthcare, or you employ clinicians and nurses to see to the health of your students or residents, here’s how MSPs can help you preserve staffing continuity during difficult times.

7 Ways Healthcare MSPs Help Maintain Continuity during a Staffing Crisis

#1: Access to more nurses and clinicians. When you’re seeking a quality MSP partner to help you shore up your staffing, the first question you should ask is whether it offers access to a nationwide network of skilled healthcare professionals.

The larger the network — and the more nurses, clinicians, pharmacists, and administrators to whom it offers access — the more confident you can be that an MSP will have the power to help you quickly scale up to meet a staffing crisis.

#2: A larger pool of specialists. Another benefit of getting access to a nationwide network of healthcare professionals is the extent to which it broadens the pool of specialists who might not be directly available in your area. If you have a hard time staffing a certain type of nurse in your region, a nationally active MSP will give you access to the specialists you need to cover all of your bases.

#3: The speed to instantly adapt. There’s a good reason why a managed service provider is a means to implement a business continuity plan. You get the power to scale up or down almost instantly thanks to a great nationwide network, but also to a streamlined onboarding and training process.

#4: A workflow that keeps clinical staff healthy. Because clinical professionals have their choice of healthcare staffing companies, it takes a special element to attract top talent. At CareerStaff, we offer our clients great candidates by making sure they’re healthy and happy, including great benefits and perks and a thorough coronavirus safety and screening process.

#5: Help with security and risk management. When you’re in the midst of a staffing crisis, you’re also more vulnerable to risks like network outages and issues of compliance. Working with an MSP to shore up your susceptibility to security and other risks is a good idea in general — an essential during the high-stress time of a staffing crisis.

#6: One-size-fits-all business continuity. The ability to meet a staffing crisis often comes down to having the infrastructure in place to quickly scale up or down. MSPs offer access to nationwide networks designed to offer just that.

Fully customizable, you get the power to pick and choose the resources you need to shore up gaps and build out emergency reserves — all delivered in a tech-neutral package to fit within any existing technological framework.

#7. Around-the-clock crisis management. Healthcare is an around-the-clock job, and the need to respond to a staffing crisis can come at unexpected hours, too. Having a partner who’s standing by to help you manage a crisis 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, also means relieving some of the pressure on your own on-the-ground management team.

Need Help with the Current Staffing Crisis?

Healthcare managed services give you protection and scalability at a time when those benefits can be elusive. To learn more about how our nationwide network of healthcare professionals can help ensure you weather the current staffing crisis, contact us here.

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