Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19 with Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Last Updated on February 18, 2022

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According to our best information, COVID-19 is only a few days older than the year 2020. But in just a few months, the new coronavirus has completely upended the U.S. healthcare system.

The ban on elective procedures has caused many facilities to shut their doors, particularly in rural areas. Others struggle to maintain care amid a deluge of patients and/or a shortage of essential testing and protective equipment. For those still in operation, staying fully staffed has become difficult, with some regions experiencing a shortage of nurses and clinicians.
These are serious challenges, and there’s no magic wand to wave them away — but there are methods of dealing with them on a one-by-one basis. With their built-in crisis management capabilities and stores of reserve workers, healthcare workforce solutions are practically custom made to offer the protection and flexibility you need during COVID-19, and beyond.

5 Ways Healthcare Workforce Solutions Can Hekp Meet the Challenges of COVID-19

#1: A larger, more reliable supply of nurses. Nurses are in high demand and relatively short supply today, as everyone from hospitals and clinics to SNFs and nursing homes struggle to stay fully staffed in the wake of the coronavirus. Facilities dealing with infected patients are even more in need of skilled nurses.

> How healthcare workforce solutions can help: Access to a scalable, nationwide network of travel nurses dramatically lowers the risk of local demand interfering with your facility’s supply of qualified nursing professionals.

#2: First-hand COVID-19 experience. Though similar to some of what we’re already very familiar with, COVID-19 is nonetheless a new and relatively unknown quantity. Our knowledge of the virus is constantly evolving, as are treatment processes. How up to date on those processes can facilities that aren’t already treating patients expected to be?

> How healthcare workforce solutions can help: Consulting a partner who already has COVID-19 experience can be a huge asset, particularly for facilities that haven’t had the time to put together an effective game plan yet — i.e., one that incorporates working crisis knowledge and infectious disease prevention best practices.

#3: An updated, fully functional infection control process. Treating COVID-19 patients — or preparing for the possibility of doing so — means revising your infection control policies to keep caregivers safe and ensure that patient care can continue uninterrupted.

> How healthcare workforce solutions can help: Because keeping the workers they employ safe and free from quarantine is a priority for healthcare workforce solutions providers, they’ve already developed and road-tested sophisticated COVID-19-specific policies to help prevent the spread of infection.

 #4: Access to a richer supply of specialists. Nationwide, there’s a heightened need for nurses in specialties like ICU and PCU. Yet there are only so many specific professionals in any given geographic area. And this isn’t just a problem for facilities treating COVID-19 patients but for everyone, as demand for certain specialists has led to scarce supply in many locations.

> How healthcare workforce solutions can help: Again, access to an extensive network of travel nurses means you can meet utilization spikes for specific specialties without having to ask your regular staff to practice beyond their scope or comfort zone.

#5: Preparation for the unknown. Those on the front lines may not have time to worry about the next 24 hours, worried as they are about the immediate demands of keeping their communities safe and healthy. But for everyone else, one of the most destabilizing aspects of COVID-19 is that nobody really knows how long it will last, or how it will end.

> How healthcare workforce solutions can help: Again, there’s no magic formula for success. But tapping into the vast, nationwide resources and expertise of a healthcare workforce solutions provider helps to ensure not only adequate staff but assistance with other essential items like scheduling, billing, recruiting, vendor management, and much more.

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