Employer Guide: Holiday Gifts for Nurses and Clinical Workers

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Guide to Holiday Gifts for Nurses and Clinical Workers

Happy Holidays from CareerStaff! As we move into holiday gift-giving with the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, let’s turn our attention to the topic of appreciation for the healthcare professionals working hard to deliver great patient care for your organization. With that in mind, here’s a guide to some great holiday gifts for your facility’s nurses, therapists, aides and other clinical workers.

From practical to pampering, these gifts are a great way to not only thank your staff for all of their hard work, but also to help keep them happy and inspired during what kind be a busy, stressful time.

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Guide to Holiday Gifts for Nurses and Clinical Workers

Please note: The gifts for nurses and other workers offered here are not sponsored or officially endorsed by CareerStaff Unlimited, nor do we have any affiliation with any online retailer or brand listed or implied here. Each item has a link to a Google search to help you find online retailers, but remember to buy only from sources you trust!

Upgrade Their Stethoscope Carrying Case

Starting with the practical, stethoscope carry cases are a budget-friendly gift that will absolutely get use. And for a more exciting and memorable gift, treat your nursing staff to a designer stethoscope case from a company like ButterFox or PROHAPI. They’re available in a variety of colors and designs, and are generally insulated, shock-proof, and roomy enough to hold a few other essential items, too.

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Spring for Some Fresh Scrubs

New scrubs — or gift certificates for places that sell them — are a great way to give a gift that has real value to nurses and clinicians. And just as with any clothing, springing for the good stuff can make a big difference. These days, you can scrubs focused on everything from comfort to style to athletics and freedom of movement.

Luckily, these good scrubs aren’t hard to find! Companies like FIGS®, Jaanuu, Dagacci and Cherokee are known for their stylish and comfortable offerings. They’re not the only ones, either. Established clothing brands like Dickies, Carhartt and Skechers have their takes, too. And it’s all available from a number of online retailers from Amazon to Scrubs & Beyond.  

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Help Promote Efficiency with Nursing Planners

Planning books are popular among nursing staff, and for good reason. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of work to calmly take down some notes, thoughts or reflections can be great for anyone’s mental health.

And specially designed nurse planners like those offered by RekMed give nurses a reliable means to do just that. They also help busy workers keep track of upcoming events, or serve as study aides for those pursuing continuing education classes. Offering the chance to keep a detailed day-to-day schedule on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis can be great for productivity, too.

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Get a Team Spirit Infusion with Some Branded Swag

Branded goodies are a great way to give workers some pride in their employer. Themed or customized versions of essentials items like pens, water bottles or stethoscope ID tags are fun and functional. But for maximum excitement and team spirit, give them something really impressive like scrubs, yoga pants, jackets or home loungewear. FIGS offers branded options, as do other companies.

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Gear Up with New Backpacks or Tote Bags

Don’t forget to include any travel nurses or other contingency workers who are working in your facility! And the perfect gift for travel nurses — or any busy nurse — is a new, well-built and preferably stylish tote bag or backpack to help them carry around their scrubs, notebooks, phone chargers and other personal items.

There’s no shortage of great gear out there, either. We found a number of great options in and just a few minutes pf searching. From tote bags costing around $15 to fully functional backpacks for $50 and more, finding the right number of items at your exact price point should be a cinch. We’ll help you get there with the link below.

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Show You Care with a Gift Box or Care Package

When it comes to classic holiday gifts for nurses, gift baskets are a tried-and-true option. If they’re something of a cliché, then they can also be a unique and personal way to give your team a bunch of goodies you know they’ll love.

If you have the time or the available help to do so, you should strongly consider creating your own gift boxes. Make each one special, choosing a combination of items that’s unique to each team member. This can include daily items like hand sanitizers, pens, masks or sticky notes. Food, snacks, candy and even a bottle of wine are all great additions, too — as long as you make sure you know everyone’s allergies and dietary preferences!

Or you can take the streamlined approach and go with the many professional gift box providers who’ll send curated gift boxes or care packages. Just click the link below to see what’s out there.

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Gift Cards Galore!

There’s a lot to be said about using gift cards only as a last resort. All the same, if you’re pressed for time or for ideas, it’s hard to go wrong by giving away some money to be used at Starbucks, Target, or whatever restaurant they may prefer. You know it will be appreciated, and that it just might make a difference, and that’s all that really matters.

And if you really feel like making an investment in your staff, a gift card to a spa or a massage clinic is a gift that gives them a chance to take a mental health break, too. Other options include food services like HelloFresh® or Blue Apron, which may be much appreciated by nurses too tired to spend hours in the kitchen when they get home from work.

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We Can Help with Much More than Holiday Gifts for Nurses!

Another way to show your appreciation for nurses, aides and other clinical workers is by giving them the gift of a happier workplace. With supplemental staffing like travel nurses and other clinical workforce solutions from CareerStaff, you can help to ensure that all of your workers have the support they need to avoid burnout and enjoy a better work/life balance.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization meet its staffing and workforce retention goals. And from the entire team here at CareerStaff Unlimited, here’s wishing you and your team a happy, safe and successful Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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