Need Urgent Medical Staffing? Here’s How to Find the Right Provider

Last Updated on March 23, 2022

Healthcare clinicians running across the hospital wearing OR scrubs

There are many types of medical staffing solutions, all geared to meet the specific needs of a variety of facilities. Sometimes you need per-diem nurses to fill hospital shifts while your regular staff is on vacation. Maybe you’d like to hire a temporary case manager to help out during a busy time of year. Or maybe you’re looking for an experienced therapist to fill in at your school while a team member is on maternity leave. Sometimes, though, every facility just needs an immediate, urgent medical staffing solution — i.e., a team of qualified nurses or clinicians who are ready to step in as quickly as possible.

There’s nothing unusual about this situation. In fact, in an era of unpredictable utilization and intense patient demand, the use of urgent medical staffing has become commonplace. As such, many companies have arisen in recent years claiming to offer access to healthcare professionals who can hit the ground running at a moment’s notice.

But despite these claims, make no mistake: Not all urgent medical staffing solutions are created equal! To help avoid getting burned by a provider who may not have the ability to live up to its promise — which can spell disaster for a facility that’s placed all its eggs in one basket, so to speak — here are a few key factors to look for when seeking an urgent medical staffing solution.

5 Things to Look for in an Urgent Medical Staffing Solution


From a new census requirement to the need to fill in for the unexpected absence of a highly specialized team member, what constitutes an urgent medical staffing crisis today could be far different than the situation you face tomorrow.

As such, the provider you choose should be able to accommodate every type of scenario, whether it’s a team of emergency RNs and LPNs, or a diverse blend of allied and therapy professionals, or even a couple of pharmacists — or any point in between.


As important as it is to offer access to a comprehensive, nationwide network of highly experienced nurses, therapists, allied professionals, and pharmacists, your urgent medical staffing provider should offer more than that. They should also provide professionals spanning the full range of medical specialties, from oncology and telemetry to home health and hospice care, and every point in between.


In addition, every professional should be fully screened, credentialed, certified, trained, and in every other way prepared to step in for the positions for which they’re needed. Your partner should also be able to guarantee a level of familiarity not only with your facility type, but with your specific facility, cutting to a minimum the time you spend onboarding urgently needed medical personnel.


Of course, an urgent medical staffing provider isn’t worth much if it can’t live up to the “urgent” part of the name. This is crucial, and it requires more than empty promises! Making sure that your partner has a demonstrated track record of fulfilling staffing obligations is a key part of ensuring that you won’t be left high and dry when it comes to meeting a last-minute staffing challenge with no room for mistakes.


When you have an urgent medical staffing need, you’re usually in crisis mode. In other words, your valued administrative staff members rarely have time to step in and make sure that the fill-in professionals that they’re hiring have everything they need in terms of travel and housing arrangements, onboarding training sessions, and general day-to-day comfort.

Yet each and every one of these details is of the utmost importance in making sure that your fill-in staff lives up to expectations. That’s why it’s important to find a partner who’s dedicated to ensuring that all of these details are met — and who has the nationwide network of administrative centers, personnel, and resources to get the job done.

Urgent Medical Staffing Solutions from CareerStaff

At CareerStaff, we’re proud to offer urgent medical staffing solutions that meet all of the above requirements, and more. Our professionals are highly trained, fully credentialed, and ready to hit the ground running for a huge variety of facility types.

We know that urgent medical staffing requires an enormous level of trust. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a solution that not only builds on our nationwide network of staffing offices, but also why we’re constantly developing our business to ensure that our recruitment and administrative professionals are of just as high a quality as the nurses and clinicians we employ.

If you need urgent medical staffing for your facility, or you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you meet any need you have for temporary or full-time healthcare professionals, we’re standing by to help! Contact us here.

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