9 Reasons to Partner with a School Nurse Staffing Agency or Clinical Recruiter

9 Reasons to Partner with a School Nurse Staffing Agency or Clinical Recruiter

The shortage of clinical workers is hitting all healthcare organizations hard, and educational facilities are no exception. Even in the best of times, though, workforce challenges can be offset with the help of a school nurse staffing agency or clinical recruiter specializing in educational settings. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of how a staffing company can help schools, colleges and other educational facilities maintain a more reliably staffed team of nurses and clinicians.

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9 Benefits of Partnering with a School Nurse Staffing Agency or Clinical Recruiter

At a time when some schools are cutting their budget for student health, it’s important to remember that many studies have affirmed the financial value of employing school nurses. For organizations dedicated to providing nursing or other clinical services for their student body, partnering with a school nurse staffing agency or clinical provider can provide a number of tangible benefits.

Benefit #1: Casting a wider net

Schools, colleges, and most other educational facilities are usually integrated into their communities. But those areas don’t always have the sufficient number of workers to meet their needs, particularly since Covid-19. Partnering with a nationwide healthcare staffing agency means getting access to potential hires not just in your immediate area, but in every corner of the United States.

Benefit #2: Greater reliability

Even before the pandemic, it could be difficult to maintain a reliable nurse and clinical staffing team. Just like in any setting, these essential workers can get sick, go on maternity leave or experience other incidents. Partnering with a staffing agency means having access to a steady supply of contingency workers to cover any kind of absence, both expected and unexpected.

Benefit #3: A richer variety of workers, from a single source

As important as nurses are, they’re only part of the picture. Schools and other educational facilities also typically employ mental health workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and professionals for the wellbeing of their students and faculty. A nationwide healthcare recruitment partner provides access to all of these professionals and more, at every level of skill and experience

Benefit #4: Screening, licensing and credentialing guaranteed

Clinical workers provided by a leading staffing agency will already be licensed, credentialed and fully qualified to do the required work, including a full background check. Workers in the CareerStaff network also get access to plenty of career development opportunities to help them constantly improve their skills and gain new ones, contributing to the kind of job satisfaction that can result in better patient care.

Benefit #5: Having clinical workers seek you, instead of vice versa

At a time when many workers have moved out of their old positions in search of new opportunities, recruitment companies like CareerStaff have more applicants on hand than ever before. As our monthly Clinicians of the Month series so often illustrates, folks in the CareerStaff network are motivated to work with us for many reasons, include great recruiters and a reliable source of job opportunities.

Benefit #6: Cutting costs by streamlining processes

Educational facilities of all types can also save money by taking advantage of efficiencies offered by a healthcare staffing agency. Freeing up the burden of sourcing, interviewing and invoicing from your administrative team means more room in the budget for other tasks. It’s also a more efficient way to onboard and train new workers, whether permanent or temporary.

Benefit #7: The option of full workforce management

Organizations looking for even more efficiency in their clinical workforce strategy can upgrade from a school nurse staffing agency to a full clinical workforce solutions provider for a wealth of additional benefits. On top of sourcing and hiring, programs or vendors for billing, invoicing, and even compliance and safety can be implemented to streamline every workforce task into a single, easily managed source.

Benefit #8: Help meeting compliance and safety standards

A staffing agency or workforce solutions provider can also help you ensure that your hiring and personnel practices are compliant with the many regulations affecting the clinical workplace. And you can be sure that a reputable agency will be up to date on any applicable sanitary and safety requirements related to Covid-19 or any other incident.

Benefit #9: Access to unlimited expertise

Finally, partnering with a school nurse or clinical staffing company helps ensure that your overall strategy is informed and guided by professionals with real expertise. At CareerStaff, for instance, that includes access to not only the best recruitment team in the business, but also highly qualified clinical and educational professionals to help you find the path that’s best for your organization.

CareerStaff: More than a School Nurse Staffing Agency

Even if you don’t need new healthcare workers to round out your staffing plan for next year, it’s still a good idea to have a failsafe in these uncertain times. And with CareerStaff, you’ll have a staffing partner who can provide access to a thousands-strong network of pre-screened clinical workers qualified to work in schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities across the country.

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