Why You Need a Nationwide Healthcare Staffing Solution — and How to Choose One

Last Updated on March 23, 2022

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Making sure that your facility is fully staffed throughout the year can be a challenge. In addition to meeting the constant ups and downs of patient utilization — not all of which can be anticipated in advance — there’s also the task of recruiting nurses and clinicians across a variety of medical specialties and levels of experience.

And, let’s face it: In some parts of the country, those specialists aren’t always as available as you’d like them to be. In many rural areas, the demand is often too big for the local labor market. And even in big cities, where specialists tend to congregate, it can be difficult to find workers who aren’t already committed to other roles.

That’s where nationwide healthcare staffing comes into play. Finding a staffing partner who offers access to a network of clinical professionals across the United States goes a long way towards helping you meet today’s most pressing staffing challenges.

But not all nationwide healthcare staffing solutions are created equally! Before you commit to a new staffing partner, here are a few important factors to consider.

How to Choose the Right Nationwide Healthcare Staffing Solution


When it comes to recruiting the most qualified and dependable healthcare professionals, long-established staffing providers have the power to cast a much wider net. And that’s crucial when it comes to making sure you have access to the nurses and clinicians you need, when you need them, across the range of assignment types. That includes per diem, contract, travel, permanent placement, and more.

A staffing solution that’s truly an industry leader can also offer a richer variety of benefits to retain the professionals in their network. And that’s particularly useful when you seek to re-use nurses or clinicians who have worked out well for you in the past.

On top of that, be sure to make sure that the staffing provider you choose offers candidates who are fully vetted, licensed and credentialed. They should also be well versed in your facility’s specific needs and policies. In other words, your staffing partner should be able to guarantee that the workers you need will arrive at the requested time, ready to work with minimal training and onboarding required.


Any healthcare staffing solution can make the claim of having a nationwide reach — in fact, most of them do. And it may even be true! But the real test in validating that claim is making sure they actually have a presence in a diverse variety of locations across the country.

This step is essential in making sure that the solution you’re choosing really understands the regions in which it operates. They should know each city and state, and not just statistically, but in on-the-ground terms. And in the event that travel workers are needed in other regions, each location should be seamlessly connected to provide additional personnel, with no delays or difficulty.


In addition to demonstrating regional diversity, the staffing provider you choose should also have a proven track record of helping facilities staff a diverse range of professionals. And that includes not just nurses and clinicians but also non-clinical personnel like HR workers, billing and contracting specialists, managers, and all the other administrative professionals necessary for an effective staffing strategy.


Because nationwide healthcare staffing providers can offer a wider base of operations, they often have the capability to offer more than just staffing, like a suite of healthcare managed services as well. And that usually involves services like payroll management, automated billing and scheduling, and other features designed to help you not only meet your staffing goals but also function more efficiently.


As you know (probably too well), the challenges connected with healthcare staffing are often of a last-minute nature. One of the chief advantages of partnering with an established nationwide healthcare staffing solution is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any last-minute needs will be addressed promptly at any time of year — or any time of day!

The bottom line? Having access to a nationwide network of healthcare professionals isn’t enough. Your staffing partner should also provide dedicated account managers who are available around the clock, and who can immediately understand any crisis and provide help on a last-minute basis. They should also already have a thorough knowledge of your facility, with a list of appropriate workers always ready.

Our Nationwide Healthcare Staffing Network is Ready to Work for You

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