Celebrating Women in Medicine Month 2020

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

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September is Women in Medicine Month, an annual event honoring physicians and clinicians “who have offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women with careers in medicine,” in the words of the AMA.

And, although the AMA’s focus may be on physicians, at CareerStaff we’d like to extent the spirit of Women in Medicine Month 2000 to other clinical professions like therapy, pharmacy, nursing, and the many, many others that are so essential to healthcare delivery. Please join us in honoring these professionals and all the other recruiters and administrators who work so hard to promote the advancement of women in medicine. 

So, to all the women working in medicine — as well as those preparing to do so, or who have done so in the past — we salute you, and wish you a happy, safe and healthy Women in Medicine Month!

Happy Women in Medicine Month 2020

The AMA is the driving force behind Women in Medicine month, with an impressive lineup of content to promote this year’s event. From a handy list of 10 ways to get involved to a special video from Oprah, you can find it all here. (There’s also an essential rundown of women in medicine in the year of Covid-19.)

Women in Medicine Month is part of the AMA’s mission to advance gender equality in healthcare, a campaign that includes a number of resources like tips for fair contract negotiation, an examination of the pay disparity in medicine, and a look at the “after-effects of harassment” in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

“Promoting gender equity in medicine requires an acknowledgement of the underlying causes of gender-based disparities, creation of policies and resources that will promote gender equity, and collaboration to improve the environment for women and the profession overall,” the association explains in its mission statement. Read more here.

The month-long event also promotes advocacy for women’s professional concerns in general — like fair pay and maternity leave — as well as new approaches to health issues specific to women patients.

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For our part, we’re proud to support Women in Medicine Month by continuing to promote equal representation in the healthcare staffing services we provide, as well as in our award-winning CareerStaff corporate and leadership team. As our West Vice President Amy Elliott recently explained, it’s an environment that’s designed to allow for fair opportunity and upward movement.

“I started in the staffing industry at the bottom as a recruiter and worked my way up,” she said. “I have played many, if not most roles within the industry since then. I’ve found that it helps me to have a great understanding and respect for other team members.”

Her proudest accomplishments are “my career and my family. I have worked really hard to get where I am today. I continuously push myself, take chances and strive to learn new things. So far, it has brought me great things.”

How Can CareerStaff Support You?

Once again, thanks to all the hard-working women in medicine, from doctors, NPs and PAs to therapists, technicians, pharmacists, and the many, many other types of healthcare professionals working today. We value your work, and we’re proud to continue to support diversity and fairness in the workplace. Happy Women in Medicine Month 2020!

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