How to Celebrate the Difference Makers in Your Facility: Nurses Week 2022

Last Updated on March 17, 2023

Happy Nurses Week 2022 graphic with dark blue background and a female nurse smiling with words More Than a Nurse a Difference Maker

Happy Nurses Day 2022 from CareerStaff! As one of the nation’s leading nurse staffing and recruitment providers, we’re proud to join the cause of bringing more attention and recognition to the nation’s hard-working nursing professionals. Each year, the American Nurses Association (ANA) commemorates the annual Nurses Week and Nurses Month with a celebration to recognize, celebrate, and thank nurses for their unwavering commitment to patients and communities.

During Nurses Month, and every day, it’s important to honor and appreciate these professionals and recognize they’re more than a nurse… they’re a parent, a mentor, and a difference maker. Here are a few ways to celebrate and thank the difference makers in your facility for Nurses Week 2022.

How to Celebrate Nurses Week 2022 in Your Facility

Encourage and Provide Resources for Self-Care

The first week of Nurses Month is focused on self-care. It’s never been more important to make sure that your essential workers feel supported and appreciated. Like all things regarding health and wellbeing, it may be necessary to help busy nurses focus on self-care. Leaders can help nurses focus on this very important aspect by providing reminders to take time in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Offering a dedicated space to give nurses a comfortable place to decompress and relax
  • Providing education and access to mental health programs
  • Promoting self-care centered on proper sleep, healthy nutrition, proper physical activity, relaxation, and social interaction
  • Offering fitness or meditation programs
  • Sharing resources from the ANA, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, or the American Medical Association

Show Recognition in Your Facility and Community

It’s important to recognize nurses not just within your facility but also in the entire community. A great way to celebrate is to recognize one or more nurses (one from each department) for their outstanding work. This is a great opportunity to start a recognition wall within your facility or health center, to recognize one or more nurses for their outstanding work.

Each member on your nurse staff is more than a nurse… they’re a difference maker, and their impact goes beyond that of their patients; they are an essential resource to their communities.

The ANA offers some options in its Nurses Week Resource Toolkit, including offering honors to high-performing nurses, requesting a proclamation from the mayor, governor, or other local officials, and getting an article or opinion piece published in a local newspaper or on your own website.

Engaging with and earning some recognition from their community can go far in helping nurses feel appreciated and inspire other staff members as well.

Decorate and Celebrate Nurses Week 2022

Show your patients, visitors, and most importantly your nurses that you appreciate their contributions, resiliency, and passion that they bring every day. Cover the hallways, nurse’s stations, and entryways with personalized banners and words of gratitude and appreciation throughout your facility.

The ANA toolkit includes everything from professionally designed thank you-cards and personalized notes of gratitude, to certificates of appreciation and a PowerPoint presentation to host an organizational event or luncheon for your nurses.

CareerStaff Can Help

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