Healthcare Labor Market Trends: Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z

Last Updated on April 12, 2024

Healthcare Labor Market Trends: Recruiting Millennials & Gen Z

From rising salaries to the increasing scarcity of skilled nurses, many challenges face those who manage clinical labor. For instance, trends show the pandemic accelerated the shift to a younger healthcare labor market, reducing the median age of nurses by about six years. As the workforce younger, meeting those challenges requires successfully recruiting Millennials and hiring Generation Z workers while keeping them engaged.

Focusing on the largest-growing part of that market — Millennials and Gen Z workers, meet these challenges now with a comprehensive guide to the healthcare trends and actionable strategies.

Free to download, our latest deep-drive into healthcare labor market trends can help facilities:

  • Better attract Millennials and Gen Z workers by understanding what sets them apart from older generations.
  • Adapt your culture to better retain this important segment of the healthcare labor market.
  • Improve operational impact by emphasizing their strengths in tech, community involvement, and more.

Did you know that 80% of Millennials want to hear feedback on a regular basis? Aligning with emerging labor market trends enables health employers to strengthen their workforce, enhance patient care delivery, and stay competitive in an ever-changing industry landscape.

Discover today’s key trends to retain and attract the new generation of healthcare workforce, including:

  • Confident and Seeking Change: 76% of Millennials think their boss “could learn a lot from them” versus just half of Baby Boomers.
  • Technology-Centered: Generation Z use their phones much more than any other device.
  • Salary and Skills-Focused: 59% of Generation Z want to learn new skills if it helps increase their pay.
  • Younger Workforce with New Perspectives: From 2000 to 2022, the median age fell from 52 to 46 for RNs.

Hiring Gen Z and Millennials in Healthcare: Questions to Explore

As healthcare turnover continues to grow, it’s important to boost employee engagement and employee satisfaction among the new workforce generation. However, how can healthcare employers harness the unique strengths of millennials to improve operational performance? Additionally, how can meeting the values of Gen Z impact patient experience and retention?

Download our latest guide to healthcare labor market trends for expert insights into these questions and others, including:

  • How to engage and retain younger nurses and clinicians who aren’t afraid to quit their jobs.
  • Why Gen Z and Millennials think of pay in different terms than older generations and how to navigate it.
  • The advantages to recruiting in an industry that’s widely seen as providing a stable, reliable career.
  • Why younger workers are determined to “be themselves” when they’re at work, and what that means in the healthcare workplace.
  • Why offering more training — and specifically mentorships — can keep Millennials happy while developing skills that benefit the entire organization.

Recruit the Gen Z & Millennials You Need Now

There are more Gen Z and Millennials working in healthcare than ever before. By understanding and engaging them on their own terms, leaders can better ensure the success of their workforce strategy as well as their entire organization.

Contact us today to learn how to tackle today’s biggest workforce challenges with healthcare workforce solutions from CareerStaff. Or, download our free Guide to Recruiting Millennials & Hiring Gen Z for the expert insights you need to make the most from these essential workers now.