Celebrate Nurses Month 2023 at Your Facility with CareerStaff

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National Nurses Month 2023 is almost here, and so is Nurses Week — and we’re inviting you to celebrate them with us! Here at CareerStaff, we’re marking the occasion with a month-long celebration to thank and honor nurses, and recognize them as the true difference-makers they are.

At a time when understaffing and patient safety concerns are becoming bigger issues than ever before, it’s important to take the time to recognize and thank the nation’s hard-working nurses. Join us in our weekly celebration — read on for all the details on how to celebrate the nurses at your facility!

The Origins of Nurses Day, Week & Month

The goal of National Nurses Month is to bring more attention and recognition to the important work nurses do every day. It all began with the first-ever Nurses Week back in 1954. But this was a one-time event, and efforts to recognize a nationally recognized Nurses Day didn’t bear fruit until President Ronald Reagan authorized “National Recognition Day for Nurses” in 1982.

In 1993, the American Nurses Association (ANA) extended Nurses Day into Nurses Week. Beginning each year on May 6 and concluding on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, Nurses Week soon expanded into Nurses Month. And behind it all was a push to get better at recognizing, celebrating, and thanking nursing professionals of all types for their hard work and commitment to patients and communities.

The push to celebrate clinicians has never been more important than in the aftermath of Covid-19. During the pandemic, we have been reminded of the essential work nurses do. However, resignation and burnout rates are higher than ever before. Nurses themselves have frequently struggled with their jobs. As a result, that doesn’t just make a tough job even more difficult, but it puts many employers in a tough spot, too.

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Nurses Month 2023: More than a Nurse… a Difference Maker

For that reason, we’re doubling down our celebration of Nurses Month this year. With our theme of “More than a nurse… a difference maker,” we’re recognizing that nurses don’t just do a job. They change lives, and not just of their patients, but pretty much every one else around them. That includes their families, and friends, the communities they serve, and of course, the facilities they work in.

As usual, we’re following the ANA’s week-by-week breakdown of Nurses Month. Built around the theme of “You Make a Difference,” the ANA’s schedule begins with a commitment to mental health and physical wellbeing in Week 1 (May 1-7). During Week 2 (May 8 to 14), celebrations will focus on honoring the nurses “who lead, excel, and innovate in our healthcare systems and our communities.”

Nurses Month 2023 continues in Week 3, from May 15 to 21, to offer nurses resources and insights for professional development. And in the final week and a half (May 22-31), the focus turns to community engagement, both virtually or in-person. The goal here is to educate people about “what nurses do beyond the bedside — advocacy, shaping public policy, or serving as an organization board.”

Nurses Month 2023: Making a Difference in the Lives of Nurses

So, how can you help celebrate Nurses Month 2023 in your facilities? A good place to start is by checking in with the CareerStaff Healthcare Staffing Blog every week. Develop strategies that will make a lasting impact on your facility and foster a culture that supports your difference-makers.

Of course, there are other ways to recognize the nurses within your facility, too. For instance, you can consider start a recognition wall or another program to recognize your nurses for their outstanding work and service. Setting up self-care programs can be a great way to show your support, too. For more tips, check out our guide to improving your workplace culture.

Additionally, you can use this ANA toolkit that gives more ideas on celebrating Nurses Month 2023. They have everything from posters, banners and online images for social media to templates for thank-you letters and lots more. It’s a great place to turn for some extra Nurses Month decorations for your facility.

At the end of the day, it’s all about remembering that each member of your nursing staff is more than a nurse… they’re a difference maker. And their impact goes far beyond that of patients they serve, but extends to the entire community, and the country. That’s a fact that we’re proud to celebrate as a leader in nurse staffing — and we hope you’ll join us in doing the same!  

Celebrate Nurses Week and Nurses Month 2023 with CareerStaff

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Happy Nurses Week and Nurses Month 2023 from CareerStaff!