We Are Healthcare: Celebrate National Hospital Week 2023

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Happy National Hospital Week 2023! At CareerStaff, we give a heartfelt thank you to all committed individuals working in hospitals as we continue to work together in delivering outstanding patient care. As one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agencies, together, We Are Healthcare.

Join us this National Hospital Week as we celebrate our hospital facilities and recognize the invaluable contribution of individuals working in America’s health systems.

What is National Hospital Week 2023?

Led by the American Hospital Association (AHA), National Hospital Week is dedicated to showcasing the pride and resiliency of America’s front-line workers in hospitals and healthcare systems. Since 1921, the celebration of a vital part of our healthcare system has occurred every year. However, it wasn’t until 1953 that this celebration became a week-long celebration. 

The Hospital Week 2023 theme carries over from the previous year: We Are Healthcare. According to the AHA, this week celebrates “the 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, and others who provide care to their community.”

In 2023, National Hospital Week takes place from May 7th through May 13th and pays tribute to the essential hospital workers and hospitals nationwide working to keep communities healthy. 

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The Importance of Supporting Hospital Workforce

Today, hospitals continue to be a vital source of healthcare, with over 6.3 million hospital workers caring for their communities. However, healthcare facilities have faced continuous strain and obstacles to providing care. 

“Our caregivers have taken on unimaginable challenges and have risen to the occasion repeatedly.”

American Hospital Association (AHA)

In recent years, hospitals have had to overcome challenging times. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected almost every aspect of the healthcare industry. This was seen especially in acute care environments such as critical care and ICUs.

As demonstrated by decisions to temporarily ease stringent patient-to-nurse ratios during the time, these crucial departments frequently experienced the greatest effects. Such effects have since acknowledged the strain to maintain adequate staffing levels.

Since then, hospital challenges have evolved to include rising costs, higher acuity patients, and industry-wide staffing shortages. Subsequently, these challenges have exacerbated the need to support the hospital workforce and their patients.

National Hospital Week 2023: How to Get Involved

Join the National Hospital Week Conversation

Ready to celebrate National Hospital Week in your facility? In preparation for Hospital Week 2023, the AHA released resources for hospitals and communities to celebrate. Show your support for the nation’s hospital, facilities, and their essential workforce through AHA’s unique digital campaign.

> For more information, you can find the AHA’s official toolkit here

The AHA encourages supporters to use #HospitalWeek, #WeAreHealthcare, or #WeAreHospitals in posts. Please join us on social media and join the Hospital Week conversation! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Support Your Hospital Workforce

Another way hospitals have provided support for patients and communities is by partnering with a healthcare staffing agency. Partnering with a contingency staffing provider means having access to a wide pool of healthcare workforce when hospitals need it most. This pool includes a variety of travel and per-diem nurses, interim staff leaders, contract allied, and more.

Partnerships with healthcare staffing agencies can benefit healthcare organizations and hospital facilities in numerous ways, including reduced costs that come with greater efficiency and access to tailored workforce solutions. Additionally, agencies can help hospitals and healthcare facilities find the best possible candidates to provide quality patient care and meet operational goals.

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Showing Appreciation for National Hospital Week 2023

Happy National Hospital Week! At CareerStaff, we’re honored to be the preferred choice for healthcare staffing for many hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country. Therefore, we hope you join us in recognizing the vital role of hospital facilities, critical and acute care workforce in our local communities.

As one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agencies, we specialize in helping facilities meet their workforce goals. Contact CareerStaff today to discover how we can help you tackle your workforce challenges with solutions tailored to your facility’s unique needs.

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