Celebrate National Health Center Week 2023 with CareerStaff

Celebrate National Health Center Week 2023 with CareerStaff

National Health Center Week 2023 is almost here! A time to celebrate America’s community health centers, National Health Center Week (NHCW) kicks off on August 6th, 2023. And as the nation’s leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions, we’re proud to join in the celebration by honoring these important facilities and the inspiring work they do each and every day.

We also invite you to join us in marking this special occasion. Read on for some inspiration for this year’s National Health Center Week, as well as some tips and resources you can use to help support the cause.

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What Is National Health Center Week, and Why Does It Matter?

First proclaimed more than 50 years ago by President Lyndon B. Johnson, National Health Center Week is a way to support what’s become an essential “cornerstone of our public health system,” as the White House has officially announced. Awareness has grown with each passing year. But there’s still work to be done — especially at a time when many community health centers struggle to keep their doors open.

National Health Center Week is also a chance to support the many essential workers keeping those health centers running. It highlights “the commitment and passion” of “staff, board members, and supporters who make it possible to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare services to more than 30 million patients across 14,500 communities annually,” as the official NHCW website explains.  

Why Celebrate National Health Center Week 2023?

As the facilities that provide access to care in the places where it’s needed most, health centers are absolutely essential for keeping the most vulnerable Americans safe and healthy. Moreover, community health centers provide patient access to healthcare in communities that may need it most, making National Health Center Week all the more important.

Patient Access is a critical mission, and as the event sponsor, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), explains National Health Center Week helps ensure that funding by rallying public support and raising awareness among lawmakers.

Additionally, the end of summer is the perfect time to carry out that work. As the NACHC explains, August is when members of Congress engage with the public before making final funding decisions. It’s also a convenient time to hold events like health fairs, screenings, and back-to-school immunization and vaccination drives.

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‘A Roadmap to a Stronger America’

It stands to reason that supporting our most vulnerable communities makes the entire country stronger. In fact, that’s the theme behind this year’s event: “a Roadmap to a Stronger America.” With this theme, NHCW 2023 offers a “virtual road trip” across the United States. The goal is to highlight the work being done at community health centers all across the nation.

To that end, each day focuses on a specific topic supporting that important mission:

  • Sunday, August 6th is “Public Health in Housing Day”
  • Monday, August 7th is “Healthcare for the Homeless Day”
  • Tuesday, August 8th is “Agricultural Worker Health Day”
  • Wednesday, August 9th is “Patient Appreciation Day”
  • Thursday, August 10th is “Stakeholder Appreciation Day”
  • Friday, August 11th is “Health Center Staff Appreciation Day”
  • Saturday, August 12th is “Children’s Health Day”

How to Support National Health Center Week 2023

Looking for ways to support National Health Center Week 2023 at your own facility? Event organizers offer a whole library of resources to do just that. Visit the NHCW website to find event ideas, media tools, suggestions for generating support, and more. You can also order T-shirts, banners, and other materials at the NHCW online store.  

The website also suggests ways to drum up support in your community. For instance, health centers can engage local businesses to recruit volunteers and contribute resources for health screening, open houses and other events. In addition, the website offers guidance on requesting a proclamation from your mayor, governor, or other public official. You can find events in your state here.

Celebrate NHCW 2023 with Workforce Solutions from CareerStaff

Happy NHCW 2023 from CareerStaff! We take pride in celebrating National Health Center Week. Our contribution goes beyond creating awareness. We offer essential services and support to health centers, as well as other healthcare facilities, striving to expand access to quality care.

If you’re looking for a Joint Commission-Certified workforce solutions partner to help improve patient access for your organization, CareerStaff can help. Learn more, or if you need workers now or in the immediate future, submit a staffing request today!

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