Best Wishes for Holiday Cheer & Recruiting Success in the New Year!

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From the entire team at CareerStaff Unlimited, here’s wishing you and your organization a happy and successful holiday season! And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a new strategy for healthcare recruiting success in the years to come?

Helping You Achieve Health Recruiting Success in 2022

If recruiting success has been an elusive goal over the past year or two, you’re not alone. For almost two years now, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to the healthcare industry. Across the United States, hospitals, health centers, clinics, schools and other facilities that employ nurses and clinicians have been hard-pressed to meet their staffing ratios.

And as the Omicron variant takes hold across the country, it’s clear that those challenges aren’t going away anytime soon. The nation’s healthcare facilities are facing yet another surge of Covid-19 patients, with nurses and clinicians in shorter supply than ever. The result is that many health employers are in crisis mode, scrambling to find the workers they need to maintain quality patient care.  

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And that’s where CareerStaff comes in. With a reliable, thousands-strong network of healthcare professionals, the experts at CareerStaff Unlimited are proud to serve the health employers in need of clinical workers. And during the holiday season, that service is more important than ever.

So, during this holiday season, the team at CareerStaff not only extends the warmest holiday wishes, but also the chance to leverage top-tier services to help meet today’s staffing challenges. All across the nation, from the north to south, from the East Coast to the West, and all points in between, CareerStaff’s nationwide network is there to help ensure healthcare recruiting success when it’s needed most.

Find Health Recruiting Success with CareerStaff

This holiday season, the need for quality clinical recruitment is more urgent than ever. And as ever, CareerStaff is proud to fill this important role for so many of the nation’s health employers. And there’s good reason why so many facilities and healthcare organizations place their trust in CareerStaff to do just that.

“I have found CareerStaff to be an excellent partner,” as Eva Stone, DNP, APRN, recently told us. “When the pandemic occurred, [the CareerStaff] team moved quickly to expand the number of nurses recruited and placed … Thank you so much for the work you do to keep students and staff safe, and for being such a great partner to provide services.”

But there’s much more than just staffing to consider when it comes to health recruiting success—such as:  

Crisis Response Staffing

Maintaining healthcare staffing and nursing levels is particularly important during crisis situations, as the nation has learned during the ongoing pandemic. We have an entire section devoted to helping employers achieve success in this important area. Find out more here.

Healthcare MSP

As important recruitment is, it’s only one part of successful care delivery. With an effective healthcare managed service program (MSP), employers can get help for all the other key parts of the healthcare workforce process. That includes not just staffing and recruitment, but also scheduling, billing, reporting and much more. Read more about CareerStaff’s MSP services here.

Vendor Management Services (VMS)

CareerStaff has long been a leader in VMS delivery that helps employers streamline and optimize labor management. Beyond finding and hiring the right candidates, VMS can also help you drive efficiency across your organization by lowering your administrative burden and automating redundant operations, among other solutions. Find out more here.

Interim Leadership Staffing

Do your recruiting needs revolve more around leadership than clinical workers? CareerStaff’s interim staffing services can help you find the right professionals to avoid operational interruptions and maintain continuity of care during this important time, and in the months and years to come. Get started by submitting a staffing request now.

And that’s not all. We have info, tips, resources, and more to help make sure you have health staffing success in the New Year, and well beyond. If you need clinical workers now, don’t forget to submit a staffing request here.

Once again, happy holidays from CareerStaff Unlimited! As a valued partner, you are appreciated — and you can also rest assured that you’ll continue to receive the best of services in the years to come.

Happy Holidays from CareerStaff!