COVID-19 Workplace Safety Resources

COVID-19 Healthcare Workplace Safety

The impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare workforce industry has been enormous. The parameters of patient and worker safety have changed — maybe for good.

As a leader in clinical workforce solutions, we work hard to ensure that healthcare workplace safety remains the top priority for the workers we place and our partners. To this end, we’ve adopted a stringent set of healthcare workplace safety guidelines for the duration of COVID-19. You can view our updated policies here, or contact us here to learn more.

COVID-19 Resources

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We are taking strict precautions to ensure that our employees, contractors, and partners can be confident that they will be provided with clear and timely information. We’re helping you stay informed during this crisis by monitoring news from the WHO, CDC, state boards of health and other important sources.

In addition to monitoring the progression of the pandemic, we use these same sources to immediately update all company policies to match current recommendations and support the health and success of our employees and partners.

● World Health Organization – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● CDC – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● Department of Health – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services – Coronavirus Medical Insurance Information & Updates
● CareerStaff COVID-19 FAQ’s
● Rhode Island – COVID Vaccination Posting