Clinician and Nurse Testimonials

Why Clinicians and Nurses Choose CareerStaff

As a leading healthcare staffing company, we are dedicated to helping nurses and clinicians find their ideal opportunities. We love hearing from you, which is why we’re highlighting clinician and nurse testimonials below. Because your lifestyle, schedule, and professional goals are unique, we strive to provide personalized options that meet your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it; read through our clinician and nurse testimonials below to get a glimpse of their experiences with CareerStaff. We believe that their stories will inspire you and give you an idea of the kind of support and opportunities that await you when you join our team.

Clinician & Nurse Testimonials

female nurse sitting at desk and smiling

I love having open communication with everyone. I am able to email the manager, recruiter, staffing specialist, etc. and I always get a response. I am truly thankful for that. So glad I said yes!

Kathleen N., Local SNF LPN

There’s a lot of teamwork involved which in turn makes you successful at what you do. There’s opportunity to change environments, to learn new techniques, and meet new people.

Danielle C., Local RN

It is very relaxed and as a new employee it really helps me feel comfortable and less stressed to where I don’t have so much of those “new kid in class” nerves I normally would have.

Tristan M., Local CNA

They’re always there for us, making sure to provide for us. I’ve recommended it to others because they are good and trustworthy!

Jasmyne H., Travel Pharmacy Technician
Female smiling in elementary classroom

The entire company, from my recruiter to the higher up office staff, were so incredibly supportive the whole way. They answered all my questions in a timely manner and made me feel very welcome and supported. They continue to be there for me whenever I have any questions or concerns.

Marni A., Local SLP

My favorite memory of working with CareerStaff is the understanding and compassion from staff during Covid-related situations with my family. They worked with me and my schedule and I actually feel appreciated for the hard work I do.

Keisha M., Local LTC LPN

The flexibility of schedule. The staff at Careerstaff work hard to get you the shifts you’d like at the facilities you’d like. There’s usually a ton of options and the staff communicate those with you frequently.

Lisa B. Local CNA
Group of nursing professionals laughing and walking

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