Travel Nursing & Allied Health Holiday Bonus Program

Holiday Travel Bonuses Worth Celebrating!

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Earn up to $1,200* through CareerStaff’s Annual Holiday Bonus Program!

‘Tis the season to earn more! For travel clinicians who are passionate about nursing, therapy, or allied health jobs and are seeking shifts during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, there’s a holiday bonus waiting just for you!

Starting this fall, we’re thrilled to unveil the 2023 CareerStaff holiday bonus program for travel clinicians and nurses this season.

In addition, the chance to unwrap up to $1,200* in bonuses awaits, just by selecting travel holiday shifts with CareerStaff!

Spread Holiday Cheer with Travel Nursing, Therapy, and Allied Health Jobs

Get ready to kick off the festivities and discover the CareerStaff difference! Fall marks the beginning of bonus opportunities for travel nursing, travel therapy, and allied health professionals. Plus, what better way to bid farewell to the year than with a jolly jingle in your pocket?

Eligible travel allied health or therapy positions have the potential to earn you up to an incredible $1,000* bonus, while travel nursing jobs can pocket up to $1,200* for the holidays. So, discover what holidays that travel clinicians like you can qualify for!

Fall into a Pile of Cash.

Thanksgiving is a time when travel nurses, therapists, and allied health professionals can make a significant impact. Working on this holiday allows you to show gratitude for your career and patients by ensuring that those away from their families still receive the care and compassion they deserve.

And, let’s not forget that for those in travel nursing or allied health jobs, you can feast on some extra cash, too!

More Money Under the Tree!

The magic of Christmas extends to hospitals as well. For patients spending the holiday away from their homes, a nurse’s smile and care can bring them all the comfort and joy they need. And by working on Christmas or Christmas Eve, you can create a warm and caring atmosphere that helps patients heal physically and emotionally, too.

Let the festivities begin and get the gift of a holiday bonus worth celebrating!

More Cash? Cheers to that.

New Year’s celebrations sometimes lead to accidents and injuries. Having nurses available to provide immediate care is essential. As the clock strikes midnight and fireworks light up the sky, travel nurses and therapists continue to be on duty.

By working on New Year’s or New Years Eve, you contribute to the safety and well-being of your community. Plus, start the New Year off right with a bigger paycheck!

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Explore Traveling with CareerStaff this Holiday Season

Ready to embrace the holiday season with a fresh travel nursing, travel therapy, or allied health travel job? Get ready to embark on your next travel assignment, and as you do, get ready for a bonus that will truly warm your heart.

If you’re not currently on travel assignment with CareerStaff, there’s still time to secure a healthcare job before the holiday season ends!

Your Holiday Travel Headquarters

‘Tis the Season to Heal and Travel: Your Guide to Holiday Shifts! Uncover the magic of working Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving with travel nursing, travel therapy, or allied health jobs in the CareerStaff Blog.