COVID-19 Updates & Resource Center

COVID Healthcare Updates, Resources, & Jobs

At CareerStaff, we put the health and the wellbeing of our workers above all else. Our COVID Healthcare resource center has everything you need to stay safe and as effective as possible in the workplace during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Providers and professionals need to stay safe and as effective as possible at their jobs. We’re helping you stay informed by monitoring news from the WHO, CDC, state boards of health, and other important sources. 

In addition to monitoring the progression of the pandemic, we use these same sources to immediately update all company policies to match current recommendations and support the health and success of our employees and partners.

We are taking strict precautions to ensure that our employees, contractors, and partners can be confident that they will be provided with clear and timely information. Please use the resources below for the latest COVID-19 updates:

● World Health Organization – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● CDC – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● Department of Health – Coronavirus Information & Updates
● CMS – Coronavirus Medical Insurance Information & Updates
● CareerStaff COVID-19 FAQ
● Rhode Island – COVID Vaccination Posting

Thank You to Our Frontline Caregivers

The important and brave work our nurses and clinicians are doing during this time isn’t just invaluable — it’s also saving lives. As one of the nation’s go-to health staffing and recruitment providers, employers trust CareerStaff to provide the highest-quality clinicians during crises and all year round. 

Through it all, CareerStaff workers have come shining through, again and again, delivering care in challenging environments and even traveling to regions experiencing critical shortages. Words cannot express enough how thankful we are for all that you do.

And while you work to keep us all safe and healthy, we are working to provide them with peace of mind by providing 24/7 nurse advocacy support and guaranteed quarantine pay.

If you’re interested in working on a crisis response assignment, view our top crisis needs right now. We have crisis response jobs ranging from 4-13 weeks across all specialties throughout the nation.