Why Healthcare Interim Leadership

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Explore the Advantages of Healthcare Interim Leadership Jobs

Your interim healthcare leadership. Your lasting impact.

Become the healthcare leader you were meant to be. Build your resume, boost your income, and break into leadership through interim healthcare leadership positions — a unique opportunity for aspiring executives, directors, nurse managers, and more.

Advantages of Interim Healthcare or Nurse Executive Jobs

Your direction. your leadership goals.

Want to make a difference in the healthcare industry? Unleash your full potential with interim healthcare leadership and rise to the challenge. Your success is our success, so take your career, impact, and skills to new heights:

A Direct Impact

Healthcare leaders don’t just have a vision. They take action. They oversee the needs of patients and staff, actively making changes, decisions, and policies to improve outcomes in their communities.

Enhanced Job Opportunities

Enter an in-demand, fast-growing field. Permanent and interim healthcare leadership positions are growing at 28% — significantly higher than average.

Higher Pay

Grow and become the leader you were meant to be — all while finding a career that supports the lifestyle, pay, and balance you deserve.

Unlimited Career Growth

Work your way up to the top through healthcare leadership and executive roles. Move forward with continuing education and direct paths for growth.

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Explore Interim Leadership Positions


Interim leadership roles give you the chance to gain hands-on experience and explore your endless options. With CareerStaff, you can find healthcare interim leadership positions for exciting roles, such as:

  • Director of Nursing (DON)
  • Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON)
  • Center Nurse Executive (CNE)
  • Center Executive Director (CED)

Why Explore Nurse Supervisor or Manager Jobs?

your passion. your NURSING LEADERSHIP.

Starting your journey in nursing leadership? Take your career to the new heights with interim healthcare leadership. Explore nurse management and supervisor jobs with the refreshing, empowering opportunity to make a direct difference in your career:

Better Work-Life Balance

Enjoy more work-life balance by advancing from nursing to nurse leadership. With more control over your time, decisions, and career, you can relieve stress and reignite your passion.

Greater Pay

Increase your salary and benefits as you take on the impactful responsibilities of nursing leadership positions.

Find Fulfillment & Make a Difference

Lead the way to improved patient outcomes. Be in a position where you can create a positive, productive environment for patients to receive quality care.

Open Up Growth Opportunities

By starting in interim healthcare leadership, you can get your foot in the door and spark opportunities to continue growing, learning, and leading.

Healthcare Leadership FAQs

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What is interim leadership in healthcare?

Interim healthcare leadership positions are temporary roles placed to fill leadership gaps or address specific organizational needs within a healthcare institution.

How do I get a leadership position in nursing?

There are many ways to break into nursing leadership and management roles. However they typically require you to:

1. Have experience and as RN or LPN.
2. Actively seek out management, leadership, and/or mentorship opportunities.
3. Earn an advanced degree and/or certification in Clinical Nurse Leadership or a similar field.
4. Break into the sector and apply for interim nursing leadership positions.

If you’re curious about becoming a leader in nursing, check out these helpful tips to guide you in discovering and succeeding in leadership roles!

How do you become a healthcare leader or executive?

Ready to take your healthcare career to new heights? As a rising healthcare leader or executive, you’ll typically need to:

1. Get your bachelor’s in healthcare administration, nursing, or a similar healthcare major.
2. Gain work experience in healthcare, such as administration, HR, or a relevant department in practice.
3. Complete an advanced degree and certification in healthcare administration.
4. Apply for interim healthcare leadership positions to build your resume and open up long-term opportunities.

What is the difference between a nurse leader and nurse manager?

A nurse manager, such as a Unit Manager, oversees daily operations and coordinates staff for efficient care in a specific unit or department. A nurse leader, such as a Director of Nursing, inspires and guides the entire nursing team. In addition, they provide a strategic vision that emphasizes change and a positive culture of care.

Explore available nurse leadership and management jobs nationwide!

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Apply Now

Your Setting. Your Healthcare Leadership Job.

Whether nursing or healthcare administration, we’re here to help you find your place as a leader. With diverse interim positions available, you can find your match in a variety of settings, including:

  • Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Acute Care, Critical Care, & ICU
  • State, Local, and Private Hospitals, and More

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