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What is a CT Tech?

A CT tech, or Computed Tomography technologist, is a dedicated allied health professional with expertise in operating CT scanners, allowing them to create precise and detailed images of the body. As a CT tech, you’ll play a vital role in advancing medical diagnosis and treatment.

What Do CT Technicians Do?

CT techs used their specialized skills to:

  • Position and monitor patients for CT scans.
  • Prepare and operate CT scan equipment to capture high-quality cross-sectional images of the body.
  • Assist other healthcare professionals in interpreting the images.

CT Technician F.A.Q.

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How to become a CT tech:

Ready to start your career as a CT tech? Here’s what you’ll need to do:
1. Check the state requirements for CT technicians in your state.
2. Earn a minimum of associate’s degree in a related field, like radiography or diagnostic medical sonography. Make sure the program is accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
3. Get a radiography, nuclear medicine technology, or radiation therapy certification through the ARRT. These certifications typically require you to complete an application and exam.
4. Earn your CT credential through the ARRT. This includes a 16-hour training program and a written exam.

How much do CT techs make?

The average CT technician earns $80,095 in 2023, according to This can range anywhere from $73,155–$87,552, depending on your certifications, salary, location, and experience. See how much CT tech jobs pay near you here.

Where do CT technicians work?

You can find CT tech jobs in a variety of healthcare settings, including:
●  Hospitals
●  Imaging Centers
●  Clinics
●  Labs
●  Outpatient Care Centers

What skills do you need to become a CT tech?

A CT tech’s skills and dedication empower healthcare teams to make accurate diagnoses and offer life-changing treatments. You might be the right fit for CT tech jobs if you have the following skills and knowledge:
●  Interest in the latest medical technologies and innovations
●  Observational skills and attention to detail
●  Compassionate, clear communication
●  Critical thinking and problem-solving
●  Physical stamina

What certifications do you need to become a CT tech?

You’ll need the following ARRT certifications to become a CT tech:
1. Primary credentials: Radiation therapy, Radiography, or Nuclear Medicine Technology.
2. Post-primary credential: Computed Tomography (CT).
3. State licensure (depending on where you live).