Reasons To Consider Nursing After Retirement

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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Have you considered re-entering the workforce as a travel nurse? There is a tremendous need for experienced nursing staff across the country, and not enough current nurses to fill the gaps. A growing number of retired nurses are interested in travel nursing for a range of reasons. Here are a few reasons to consider travel nursing after retirement.

Jobs For The Retired Nurses

Many healthcare organizations have found themselves developing creative staffing models in order to best utilize their available staff. With the ongoing pandemic, retired staff, or nurses that have not worked in the hospital for a while, are being used as vaccine clinic nurses, COVID-19 test center nurses, and as resource nurses to support others. Experienced nurses that have been out of the workforce for a while have important skills that are still very much in demand. Many healthcare organizations see the benefits of working with nurses with a lot of experience because they are able to adapt quickly to various types of situations.

Throughout the pandemic, retired nurses have been able to come back into the workforce in unique ways. One such retired nurse, Kathy Thorpe of Indianapolis, was interviewed on her local news and stated that although she knew she couldn’t return to work as a critical care nurse, she knew she could give vaccinations.  She explained, “Nursing isn’t a job or a career, but instead a calling. It has to be in your blood, or you wouldn’t do it. It’s not a job it is just what you do.” No doubt many nurses like Kathy are helping their communities fight COVID-19 while using their valuable experience and skills.

Benefits Of Travel Nursing After Retirement

Travel nursing in particular appeals to retired nurses because it is assignment-based. It offers the benefits of working with the opportunity and flexibility to visit places that you’ve always wanted to visit. You get to choose your assignments based on when and where you wish to work. As a travel nurse, you can take on as little or as much as you wish, with a short commitment period, and a broad range of assignments to choose from. Many retired nurses also do not need the benefits that come with a full-time job, so are not constrained by those needs.

Whether choosing to work per diem, part-time, or even full time, as a retired nurse you can mold a schedule that works with family, commitments, and leisure time.

Nurses who have recently retired have found out the multiple advantages of travel nursing at this stage in their lives:

  • Supplement retirement income with part-time or per-diem work.
  • Fund your travel dreams or RV lifestyle through sporadic temporary work assignments.
  • Share your knowledge with the new nurses out there and keep your skills sharp.
  • Learn about a new area of the country, or a new and diverse community.
  • Help out during a time of crisis, like during COVID-19.
  • Premium pay, travel reimbursement, meal stipends, and more!

Travel nursing is available in settings such as long-term care, residential care, outpatient surgery, hospital, vaccine clinics, and much, much more.  Retired nurses have never had this many options when it comes to opportunities and schedules that accommodate any lifestyle.

Work your way, with schedules and hours that provide the balance you need.

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