7 Best Travel Nursing Destinations For Sports Fans

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Picture this: You just got your new travel nursing assignment in one of the best sports cities in the country — and it’s prime football season!

Not only did you find one of the best travel nursing destinations, you scored tickets to cheer on your favorite team on your day off. You even made some football fan friends along the way.

Being a travel nurse isn’t just a career choice — it’s a lifestyle that perfectly aligns with the adventurer, traveler, and even sports fanatic in you. Let’s explore why travel nursing is great for sports fans, as well as the top travel nursing destinations in the best cities for sports!

Why Travel Nursing is Great for Sports Fans

Love game day? Here are three reasons why travel nursing is a touchdown for sports fans:

  • Chance to Live Near the Best Sports Cities. 

One of the biggest advantages of being a travel nurse is the ability to pick assignments in the cities of your choice. If you’re a sports fan, you can carefully choose your travel nursing destinations in the best sports cities when the seasons are in full swing.

Just imagine spending football season in Pittsburgh, cheering on the Steelers at Heinz Field, or experiencing the excitement of the World Series in a baseball-loving city like Boston.

  • Adventure Around to Catch Games Across the Country. 

You have the unique opportunity to explore different parts of the country as you find new travel nursing destinations. What better way to do it than by attending live sporting events?

From the iconic stadiums of the East Coast to the vibrant scenes in the South and Midwest, you can explore the best sports cities as a travel nurse.

  • More Flexible Schedules to Catch Games. 

Travel nursing often comes with more flexibility than traditional nursing, giving you the freedom to plan your shifts around game days. With careful planning, you can attend matches, tailgate parties, and sports-related events on your days off.

Whether it’s a weekday baseball game or a Sunday afternoon football showdown, you’ll have the flexibility to immerse yourself in the sports culture of your temporary home.

Travel Nursing Destinations: Top 7 Best Sports Cities

Alright, sports-loving travel nurses — get ready to blend your love for the game with your adventurous spirit! With the help of WalletHub, we’ve curated a list of the best sports cities and travel nursing destinations offering the perfect mix of work and play for those who live and breathe sports:

1. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Football Ranking: #1 

Overall Sports Ranking: #4 

Kick off your adventure in Pennsylvania, where waving Terrible Towels is practically a sport of its own! Pittsburgh is a city that lives and breathes football, so it only makes sense it ranked the #1 city for football fans. With a football legacy that’s the stuff of legends, catching a Steelers game at Heinz Field is a must. 

Beyond sports, Pennsylvania is one of the top travel nursing destinations, filled with endless benefits for healthcare professionals.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Football Ranking: #4 

Overall Sports Ranking: #2

Massachusetts is a sports lover’s dream destination. Not only does it rank highly for football, but it’s also ranked #2 on the list of best sports cities. Home to the legendary Fenway Park, TD Garden, and Gillette Stadium, Boston is a city where sports history is made. Catching a Red Sox game at Fenway or cheering for the Celtics at TD Garden should be on every sports fan’s bucket list.

3. Dallas, Texas

Football Ranking: #3 

Overall Sports Ranking: #5 

Welcome to Texas, where football reigns supreme in cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. In Dallas, AT&T Stadium is where the action’s at, and cheering for the Cowboys is practically a rite of passage. But Texas isn’t just about touchdowns. Catch a Mavericks game or dive into the world of hockey with the Stars.

4. New York, New York

Football Ranking: #6 

Overall Sports Ranking: #3

New York — where sports dreams come to life! MetLife Stadium for the Giants or Jets, Madison Square Garden for the Knicks or Rangers, this city’s got it all! And if you’re up for a road trip, check out the passionate sports scenes in Buffalo, West Point, or Hamilton, all ranked high on WalletHub’s best sports cities list. New York state isn’t just a destination for sports fans, but one of the top travel nursing destinations, too!

5. Miami, Florida

Football Ranking: #7

Overall Sports Ranking: #6

Florida is a sports lover’s paradise, beaches and stadiums included. Cities like Miami brings the heat, from the Dolphins’ flips at Hard Rock Stadium to the slam dunks at Kaseya Center. And don’t forget about Orlando’s magic and Tallahassee’s college spirit. This travel nursing destination is all about sports, sunshine, and endless fun.

6. Kansas City, Missouri

Football Ranking: #10

Overall Sports Ranking: #15

Kansas City knows how to throw a football party. Witness the Chiefs’ magic come to life at Arrowhead Stadium. But the sports love doesn’t stop there. Swing by ‘The K’ for some baseball action or feel the energy at the T-Mobile Center for basketball and hockey. Missouri is truly home one of the best sports cities.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Football Ranking: #15 

Overall Sports Ranking: #7

Philadelphia boasts a rich sports culture, from the iconic Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field to the passionate fan base at Citizens Bank Park for baseball. Philly offers a sports experience that’s hard to rival.

Honorable Mention: New Hampshire

While it may not have ranked as high, New Hampshire is one of the best travel nursing destinations. With its close proximity to top sports states like New York and Pennsylvania, you’ll have easy access to all the action you crave. Plus, the state boasts its own unique charms, making it an ideal destination, on and off the clock.

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