Top Summer Travel Jobs & Destinations for Nurses in 2021

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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Summer is here again, and for many nursing professionals, that means it’s time to travel! If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a travel assignment for the months ahead, here’s a quick rundown of the top summer travel jobs for nurses from CareerStaff Unlimited.

Top Summer Travel Jobs and Destinations for Nurses in 2021

Destination: Scarborough, Maine

If you like small-town charm and a scenic coastal location, you’ll love Scarborough, a town of about 20,000 people nestled along the Gulf of Maine on the Atlantic Ocean. As a travel summer job destination, Scarborough offers access to one of the nation’s most popular summer spots, Maine, as well as access to the Portland metro area for all your shopping or dining needs.

> We’re currently hiring CNAs, LPNs and RNs for summer travel jobs in Scarborough

Destination: Jacksonville, Florida

Florida’s more famous destinations like Miami and Orlando might get more love, but summer travelers can find a lot to appreciate in the Jacksonville area, too. It’s also close to those great Florida beaches, but with far fewer tourists around, you’ll have more room to enjoy them. As the state’s most populous city, Jacksonville offers plenty of great choices for dining, shopping and nightlife.

> Current summer jobs in Jacksonville include travel assignments for RNs

Destination: Groton, Connecticut

With its scenic seaside location, Groton is a popular spot on the Connecticut coast for those looking to keep a comfortable distance from the New York City and Boston metro areas — yet still have the famous attractions of those cities close at hand. It’s also the home to a submarine naval based and a Pfizer facility, making it a bustling center of economy and industry that also features historic Revolutionary War sites

> We’re currently recruiting LPNs to work travel jobs in skilled nursing facilities in Groton

Destination: Monroe, Louisiana

If you prefer to be in the heat of the South for the summer, there’s no better spot than Louisiana! Monroe is a city in need of clinical travelers, and at about 50,000 people, it’s the perfect size for those who like to avoid big cities. (Don’t worry, though — Shreveport, Baton Rouge and even New Orleans are within driving distance!) There’s a lot of appeal to the area for nature lovers too, with close proximity to the Black Bayou Lake and D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge areas and the Russell Sage and Ouachita Wildlife Management Areas.

> Current opportunities in Monroe include travel assignments for LPNs and RNs

Destination: Redding, California

If dry heat is more your speed, Redding California and its surrounding area could be the summer destination that works best for you. It’s also surrounded by natural beauty, with easy access to Lassen National Forest, Shasta Lake and the iconic Mount Shasta. At almost 100,000 people, Redding has all the amenities of city life, with great dining, museums, performing arts centers, Victorian-era architecture, and a lot more cool features.

> Current summer assignments in Redding include travel jobs for RNs

Destination: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Work a summer travel job in charming Colorado Springs and you’ll be in the shadow of the famous Pike’s Peak! If you love hiking, plenty of trails and incredible mountain scenery will surround you. And if you love being on the water, you’ll be in close proximity to a host of rivers and lakes to help beat the summer heat. Local military bases make this a populous city, but it still has the feel of a smaller city with its quaint downtown and family-run restaurants.

> Current summer travel jobs in Colorado Springs include SNF assignments for nurses

Destination: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Re-named after a popular quiz show in 1950, Truth or Consequences is a small city that’s located in the enchanting scenery of New Mexico. The area is famous for its natural hot springs, and has attracted travelers to its spas for decades. Summers are hot and rainy, so if you love a good thunderstorm and small-town life, Truth or Consequences could be the destination for you.

> Currently, we’re staffing summer travel jobs in veteran facilities in Truth or Consequences

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