Taxes for Travel Nurses: 5 Last-Minute Tips (Updated 2024)

Last Updated on April 19, 2024

Taxes for Travel Nurses: 5 Last-Minute Tips

Tax season is here again! The due date for filing your taxes is April 15th, 2024. And if you’re a travel nurse who’s been putting off taxes, we get it — they can be confusing and complicated. But filing late can lead to penalties and fees, and an even bigger headache. So, if you’re looking for some last-minute guidance, here are some tips designed to help ease the burden of taxes for travel nurses.

Taxes for Travel Nurses: Essential Tips

While, every person’s individual tax situation is unique, there are some guidelines that everyone can follow. And that’s especially for travel nurses, where a ton of factors like travel expenses, housing stipends, and different state tax requirements all come into play.

1. Determine if You Need an Extension

April 15th is also the deadline to submit an extension to the IRS, which gives you another six months to file. But remember, if you owe money, it’s still due on April 15th — and if you pay late, you’ll be charged a late fee. On the other hand, that late fee may still be better than rushing your return and missing something important. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t be afraid to consult a tax professional.

2. Understand “Tax Homes” and Multi-State Returns

Your tax home is the place where you permanently live — the house you pay a mortgage on, or the apartment your rent. But if you’ve worked in another state in the past year, you may also be obligated to pay taxes there. If you’ve lived in another state for six months or more, or you didn’t maintain a permanent address in your home location throughout the year, you’ll want to double check this item.  

Making things even more complicated is the fact that every state has different rules. Some states, like Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, don’t require you to file at all. But most others do, and if you’re in doubt, you definitely don’t want to leave this one up to chance.

If you’re not sure if you owe taxes in another state, you should consult a tax professional. They usually charge a modest fee, but that’s usually better than the time and anxiety of making a mistake on this important part of taxes for travel nurses.

3. Understand Tax Responsibilities for Travel Nurses

On top of understanding what states you need to file in, a big part of filing taxes for travel nurses is knowing how to classify and claim expenses. For instance, special deductions are no longer allowed for common travel nursing expenses like food and gas. On the other hand, if you’ve been reimbursed for money you’ve already spend on those expenses, you won’t need to pay taxes on them again.

4. Reduce your Chances of an Audit

Getting audited is no fun, but it isn’t exactly uncommon, either. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans get audited. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually less than half of one percent of the country’s population.

The point, though, is that it happens, and it’s no cause for panic. In fact, it’s smart to live life like you may be audited at any time. If you don’t already do so, start getting together your receipts and important documents in a single, easy-to-access location. That includes any contracts you’ve had over the past year, and any receipts related to travel expenses. Luckily, in the digital age, a lot of this info is probably already sitting in your email inbox or available as a text receipt on your phone.

Another way to make sure you’re ready for an audit is to start planning out your expenses and spending. Set up a spreadsheet if you know how. If not, there are tons of apps out there that can help you get the job done. Either way, the bottom line is to keep as close a track of your taxable expenses as you can, and try to save any proof of what you’re spending — especially when you’re on travel nurse assignment.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Hire a Professional

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably noticed a pattern with most of these tax tips for travel nurses: When in doubt, consult a professional. For a modest fee, they’ll take on the burden and responsibility of making sure every detail is correct. Getting expert help can also help put you at ease while helping make sure you don’t make any errors, and that you get every cent you’re entitled to.

If you have any traveling friends who have an accountant prepare their taxes for them, ask for a recommendation. If not, a simple Google search will show you plenty of accountants in your area.

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Traveling is one of the most exciting things a nurse can do. But it also comes with a few challenges, and taxes can be one of them! If you feel confused about what to do, don’t be afraid to ask your CareerStaff recruiter for advice. As always, we’re committed to making sure our travelers have the best possible travel nursing experience — and that means following through with the loose ends after an assignment’s over.

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