Social Media Tips for Travel Nurses: Do’s & Don’ts

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

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The life of a travel nurse is a constant adventure, and what better place to share that than on social media? Utilizing social media is the ultimate travel nursing tip. Sharing your stories, travels, and adventures online can ignite your passion for your career.

Social media can connect you with new friends, employers, and opportunities you might never have found otherwise. But as a nurse, social media can become a tricky landscape, especially when it comes to HIPAA violations, job opportunities, and your overall safety and privacy.

With these travel nursing tips in mind, you can make the most of social media, all while protecting yourself and your patients!

Travel Nursing Tips: Why Does a Nurse’s Social Media Activity Matter?

Let’s face it — social media has become an extension of the application process in every industry. But as a nurse on social media, it’s even more essential to be aware of how your posts, likes, and comments all impact your career. Whether you’re more of an Instagram scroller, Twitter fanatic, or Facebook user, your social media activity matters. 

Before we share helpful travel nursing tips for social media, here are a few reasons why you should care:

Avoiding HIPAA Violations as a Nurse on Social Media

As a travel nurse, you know HIPAA violations are not to be tested. Not only is it unethical to share patient information, but it can suspend or even terminate your contract. HIPAA violations put your patient’s privacy and security at risk. But don’t stress: You can protect yourself and your patients by understanding the HIPAA standards.

Recruiting & Networking Opportunities

Social media can be a powerful tool in your career growth as a travel nurse! As they say, it’s not just about what you know, it’s about who you know. You might discover new travel nurse friends or career opportunities during your adventure!

Sharing Your Story

As a travel nurse, social media gives you a platform to share your story, capture your adventures, and inspire others with your passions. By sharing your travels, travel nursing tips, or insights on the importance of nursing, you can empower others and find deeper meaning in your career.

Travel Nurse Social Media Dos and Don’ts 

Travel nurses — social media shouldn’t make your job more stressful. In fact, with the right strategy, it can uncover excitement, connections, and opportunities within your career! Remember these travel nursing tips when engaging on social media.


1) Share Patient Pictures or Information

Rule #1 for nurses on social media: Keep your patients out of your posts. Under HIPAA, patients have a right to privacy, including any information, photos, or details about their lives or conditions. Even if it feels like it’s not really hurting anyone, it’s a part of your duty to protect and preserve your patient’s well-being — and that includes their privacy. When in doubt, don’t click “post!”

2) Overshare Your Location Details

One of the most important travel nursing tips is to protect your own privacy, as well. If your home is unoccupied, avoid sharing public details about your absence to protect yourself. When traveling solo, be careful when and where you share your location details. Enjoy the moment and post the photo when you’re back in your room to avoid potential risks.

Pro travel nursing tip: Check your privacy settings. Consider setting your accounts to private to protect your well-being.

3) Bad-Mouth Your Employers or Coworkers, Both Past & Present

Social media is not the space for gossip. Even if they’re in the wrong, complaining about your employers or coworkers can stir trouble in your current contract or even prevent future opportunities. 

If you’re dealing with issues at work, address them with your nursing supervisor or manager. They can help you find a productive solution that helps instead of hurts.


1) Declutter Your Social Media Profiles.

Remember: As a nurse, social media can act as an extension of your resume. Do a quick scroll through your social media profiles (even if they’re private), and delete anything you wouldn’t want a future employer or recruiter to see. Keep this same mindset as you continue to post and interact online!

2) Know Your Employer’s Social Media Policies.

Travel nursing tip: Get to know the facility’s social media policies before you begin your travel nurse assignment. Respect their rules, and you’ll be able to enjoy social media without the stress.

3) Network & Connect with Other Travel Nurses

Life as a travel nurse can be even more fulfilling when you’re connected. Build your network by engaging with your fellow travel nurses on social media. Join Facebook Groups, update your LinkedIn profile, and follow hashtags and accounts across your favorite platforms to build connections and stay up-to-date on travel nursing tips.

4) Share Your Story & Adventures!

Your life as a travel nurse is an adventure! If you feel inspired, consider sharing pictures and stories from when you’re off the clock and exploring your new home base. 

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