How to Save Money as a Travel Nurse: 10 Budget-Friendly Tips

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Planning your travel nurse adventures? Exciting! But budgeting? Not so thrilling… After Tax Day, let’s make sure you have the travel nurse budget you need to maximize your adventure and salary while on assignment. From smart budgeting to utilizing discounts, discover some of the top tips on how to save money as a travel nurse all year long.

Setting Your Travel Nurse Budget: Why it Matters

One of the most important travel nurse tips? Set a travel nurse budget! Sure, it might not be the most exciting task on your to-do list. But learning how to save money as a travel nurse can help you make the most of the benefits of the unique gig.

Strategic Spending = Strategic Traveling

Travel nursing is for adventurers! Want to travel and experience all the fun, beauty, and excitement the country has to offer? You’ll need more than a suitcase — you’ll need a travel nurse budget to make it happen! By prioritizing funds for day trips and excursions, you can make sure you get the fulfilling travel experience you deserve.

Travel Nurses Earn More Than Staff Nurses

You read that right! On average, travel nurses earn more than staff nurses. Take advantage of this by creating a travel nurse budget on Day 1. This way, you can maximize your travel nurse paycheck and experience.

How to Save Money as a Travel Nurse: Top Tips

Wondering how to save money as a travel nurse? Here are our top 10 travel nurse tips for anyone looking to set a nurse budget while hitting the road for their assignment:

Make a Nurse Budget Plan for Your Stipends

Housing is likely going to be your biggest expense. So, use your travel nurse stipends strategically! If you choose to find your own housing, you can have a bit more control over your options and budget.

Look for housing on budget-friendly short-term rental sites to find an option that lowers your monthly expenses. If you want to learn how to save money as a travel nurse, start with housing.

Meal Plan and Prep to Minimize Dining Out Costs

This is one of our top travel nurse tips. Cooking and preparing food at home is one of the simplest ways of how to save money as a travel nurse. Dining out can add up — and ordering in can add up even faster.

Meal planning and prepping can save you money and time. Plus, what sounds better than coming home to a quick, easy meal after a long nursing shift.

Take Advantage of Travel Nurse Discounts

Did you know it pays (and saves) to be a nurse? You can cut down on your nurse budget by making an account with and Sheer ID — two platforms that allow healthcare workers to get regular discounts on purchases from major companies like Nike and ASICS.

Pro Tip for Travel Nurses: You can find nurse discounts on clothes, tech, household products, food, grocery, travel, and more. Discover a list of the top nurse discounts here!

Find Local Activities to Experience

View your assignment destination through the eyes of a tourist on your days off — no need to travel far for the vacation vibes! Look up “top things to do near me,” and make the most of your time off the clock.

Bonus points if the activities are free, like visiting local parks, walking through farmer’s markets, checking out free museums, hiking, or picnicking. Look for hidden gems and seek a taste of local life in popular travel nurse destinations.

Ask Your New Coworkers for Nurse Budget Tips in the Area

Sometimes, tourists can fall for “tourist traps,” not knowing what’s considered cheap or expensive in the area. Ask your new coworkers if they have any tips for you on how to save money as a travel nurse, whether through dining, transportation, or entertainment.

Utilize Travel Rewards Programs to Save Money as a Nurse

If you’re planning on traveling a lot, sign up for free travel rewards programs to stack up points and save on your adventures!

Consider the Cost of Living of Your Travel Nurse Assignment

This is one of the major travel nurse tips for saving. You can cut down your expenses by strategically choosing an assignment in an area with a more affordable cost of living. Research the area before settling on an assignment to maximize your salary and make sure it fits your travel nurse budget.

Split Travel Costs with a Travel Nurse Friend

Have a fellow travel nurse bestie? Team up and travel with them to split major costs, like housing and transportation. Beyond saving money and swapping travel nurse tips, there are several benefits to travel nursing with a friend.

Work with a Travel Nurse Agency with Stipends and Benefits

Travel nurse agencies like CareerStaff offer exciting stipends for their travel nurses. You can quickly maximize your salary and savings with the help of tax-free stipends for housing and travel expenses.

Additionally, look out for travel nurse agencies that offer additional bonuses and incentives, like seasonal pay and referral programs.

Track Your Expenses & Review Your Nurse Budget Regularly

Want to learn how to save money as a travel nurse in the months and years to come? Make a habit of tracking your expenses. You don’t know where all your money is going until you track it. Divide your spending into categories and check them regularly to see where you can cut back to prioritize what matters most to you.

Save and Earn Money as a Travel Nurse

One of the fastest ways on how to save money as a travel nurse is through working with the right agency. CareerStaff offers its travel nurses tax-free travel stipends so they can save while they start their adventures and grow their careers.

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