How to Choose the Best Travel Nurse Company

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The demand for travel nurses today is at an all-time high, and there are several travel nurse agencies to choose from. As a travel nurse, it is essential to use a travel company you can trust, and searching for one can be difficult. As a traveler, you need to feel confident in choosing a travel nurse company to work with. Here are four things for travel nurses to consider when choosing a travel company that is right for you.

What to Look for When Searching for a Company

There are several things to look for when looking for a travel nurse agency. Is the company established with a substantial network offering opportunities all over the country? Can you trust the recruiters to be there and support you every step of the way? Do they have exclusive contracts? What are their benefits like, and do they offer any bonuses? What is the onboarding process like? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a travel nurse agency to work with.

An Established Network Offering Opportunities all Over the Country

When choosing a travel nurse agency, it is essential to know what destinations they offer so you can work at your top destination choices. A good travel nurse agency will have an established network offing nationwide opportunities. The more contracts the travel agency can provide, the more job placements will be available to you as a travel nurse. This means more choices in specialties, contract dates, competitive pays, and locations.

Dedicated Recruiter Being There Every Step of the Way

A good recruiter is an essential factor in being a successful travel nurse. Having a knowledgeable and trustworthy recruiter will help you select the correct travel assignment. When choosing a travel nurse agency, you want to ensure that you have a dedicated recruiter being there for you every step of the way. In your interview with your recruiter, ask them many questions and build a good rapport with them to establish a good relationship.

Benefits and Bonuses

A good travel nurse agency will offer many benefits for you. From medical benefits, weekly pay, housing, canceled shift policies, and more. An agency needs to provide benefits for you to feel protected and taken care of. Ensure that the travel nurse agency you choose has the benefits that you need to support yourself when on an assignment. If you work extra, you want a choose a travel agency that will pay you for your extra hours at a more significant percentage for working overtime.

Ease of Onboarding

You may want to ask yourself how easy the onboarding process is for the nurse travel agency you are choosing. Is the company going to inundate you with paperwork that may not be required to send to the facilities you will be working at? Most facilities for job considerations care about the skills checklist, application, and resume. Does the nurse travel agency have an easy way to send them the paperwork they need and respond to your information quickly?

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