Comparing Travel and Per Diem Nursing Jobs: Which Is Right for You?

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As a nurse, you’re an essential part of the American healthcare system. And because your skills are in demand in all corners of the United States, you have more opportunities than ever to work the assignments that best meet your personal preferences and professional needs. That’s why so many nurses today are choosing to enjoy the flexibility of travel and per diem nursing jobs.

If you’re looking for an assignment with some flexibility, or that offers more adventure and variety than a standard full-time role, per diem and travel nursing jobs fit the bill. Both involve working with facilities that need nurses for specific periods of time — to cover a shortage, accommodate a spike in activity, or many other reasons.

What’s The Difference Between Per Diem and Travel Nursing Jobs?

Travel nursing jobs are usually limited positions that involve working in a different part of the country than where you live. When facilities can’t find enough nurses to meet their needs in their immediate area, they rely on us to provide candidates from other parts of the U.S. Though some travel nursing jobs are part-time, most are full-time, 13-week engagements, similar to working a standard contract.

Whether it’s the next town over or across the country, travel nursing jobs give you the chance to live and work somewhere new, without having to pay for moving and travel expenses. You can also build valuable career experience working in a different type of facility than you may be used to, learning new procedures, tech and management styles. Best of all, you get the chance to help people in need.

Per diem nursing jobs are usually more flexible, offering the chance to pick up shifts on a more ad hoc basis — sometimes working a few hours at a time, or just one or two days a week. Shifts can be either pre-scheduled, or on an on-call basis. When working on call, you’re usually filling in when a facility has a temporary shortage of nurses, or are experiencing surges in demand.

Per diem assignments give you a huge amount of flexibility over your schedule and the amount of time you’re working (or not working). They’re ideal whether you’re interested in just working part-time for a while, if you want to pick up some extra shifts on top of your regular position, or are looking for temporary work while you pursue your dream job.

Travel or Per Diem Nursing Jobs: Which is Right for You?

Are you looking for adventure, or a chance to explore new parts of the country with all travel expenses covered? Maybe you’re looking to spend time in another state to be closer to friends or family there. Or maybe you’ve just finished a position and want a chance to gain some experience before you make another long-term commitment. If any of this rings true for you, travel nursing is the way to go!

When you work a travel nursing job with CareerStaff, you get:

  • Full insurance coverage, including medical, vision, dental and life
  • Competitive pay and a great 401(k) plan
  • Access to a staffing specialist who’ll arrange travel and housing and help troubleshoot any issues
  • The option to extend contracts in some facilities

Are you seeking flexibility, or the chance to work a few shifts without a larger commitment? Maybe you’re in a phase of life that makes for difficult scheduling — say, attending classes, raising a child, or caring for an injured or elderly loved one. Or maybe you already have a great job but want more hours. Either way, per diem nursing jobs are a great way to keep earning while setting your own schedule.

Our per-diem nursing jobs give you:

  • The option to choose when you want to work
  • The chance to avoid working holidays and weekends
  • Pay that’s often higher than the standard rate

We’ve Got The Travel & Per Diem Nursing Jobs You’re Looking For!

No matter which option you choose — or even if you prefer a local contract assignment — you can find the nursing job you’re seeking here at CareerStaff Unlimited. As one of the nation’s longest-running and most reliable nursing job provider, we’re proud to offer opportunities throughout the United States.

In addition to great travel and per diem nursing jobs you won’t find anywhere else, you can rest assured that you’ll be connected with a dedicated nurse recruitment specialist who’ll work to understand your unique needs and make sure you find the job that’s right for you. Our network also offers nurses:

  • Direct deposit and guaranteed hours
  • Bonuses for select assignments, and the potential for loyalty bonuses
  • Licensure assistance and reimbursement for continuing education (CE) classes

So, whether you prefer a per diem nursing assignment that’s close to home, or a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure, we’ve got a nursing job you’ll love. New positions open up every day, so take the stress out of finding your next assignment — join the CareerStaff roster today!

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