5 Reasons for Clinicians & Nurses Working Holidays to Travel with CareerStaff

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

Nurse holding elderly patient's hand in hospital wearing holiday hats

For most clinicians and nurses, working holidays are usually part of the job description. Accidents and illnesses don’t take holidays. In fact, they often surge during holiday periods.

Like many other parts of the job, working holiday shifts has its upsides as well as its downsides. Nurses, therapists, and allied clinicians who are willing and able to make the sacrifice of time spent away from home can look forward to quite a few advantages during the holidays.

By traveling to another city or state to work a travel assignment during the holidays, nurses and other clinical workers get the chance to help those who are truly in need—patients, communities, and the essential workers who could use some shift relief, too. The financial rewards are pretty great, too—travel assignments offer high rates of pay, travel, and housing stipends. And, when you work a holiday shift with CareerStaff this season, you’ll also be eligible for up to $1,200 in bonus pay!*

Learn about the CareerStaff Travel Holiday Bonus Program

That’s just for starters. Here are a few more reasons to work a travel assignment with CareerStaff this holiday season.

5 Reasons to Work a Travel Assignment with CareerStaff this Holiday Season

Reason #1: The Chance to Experience the Holidays Away from Home (With Your Rent Covered)

For clinicians and nurses who are willing or able to spend time away from their loved ones, working holiday shifts offers a unique opportunity to experience the holiday season in a different part of the state, or the country. Christmas in California? New Year’s in New Orleans? With travel assignments, the possibilities are almost endless. And with your housing stipend, you can enjoy them rent-free!

If you’re the festive type, this could also be the chance to bring some holiday cheer to a community that may be struggling to keep its spirits high. And if you’re looking for some help keeping things festive, Nurse.org has some great tips.

Reason #2: Experience the Joys of Traveling During the Low Season

For the more adventurous type, the holiday season offers the chance to explore new ground at a time when most of the tourists are at home. Whether it’s the national parks of the West Coast or the beaches of the Carolina Coast, the holiday months are a great time to beat the crowds. Check out our list of current travel assignments to find an opportunity in your preferred location.

Reason #3: Help Make a Difference for Patients and Communities in Need

For clinicians and nurses, working holidays shifts is just part of the larger job of helping people in need of care. Travel jobs are designed to help connect clinical professionals looking for new career opportunities with communities short of nurses and other essential workers. Whether it’s a rural community or one that serves an older population, travel jobs help you care for the patients who need it the most.

Reason #4: Help Other Healthcare Workers Take a Break

Travel workers also give hospitals and other facilities the staff they need to ensure that their full-time workers get vacations and holidays of their own. For full-time nurses who’ve just spent 18 months working overtime during the pandemic, the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas at home can make a huge difference. By working holiday shifts, you may be helping to make that happen.

Reason #5: Earn a Holiday Bonus with CareerStaff!

Clinicians and nurses working holidays as travelers can also earn an exceptional income. Because they’re so in-demand, travel clinicians and nurses are currently commanding top dollar in take-home pay. And, on top of that, CareerStaff is currently offering travelers an extra holiday bonus for working certain shifts in the months to come.

With the CareerStaff Travel Holiday Bonus Program, travel nurses will have the chance to earn as much as $1,200* in bonus pay, and allied clinicians as much as $1,000*, by working shifts on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day. Rules and restrictions apply; you can get all the details here.

Learn More about the Travel Holiday Bonus Program

*Restrictions Apply. To qualify for the CareerStaff holiday bonus program, you must work and complete a scheduled shift for one of the holidays listed below. Payment will only be made after the shift is completed. To be eligible for the bonus, you must actually work the holiday with no (RTO) requested time off the week of the holiday. Holidays that qualify for the bonus are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day. Ask your recruiter for details regarding what shifts constitute a holiday. Holiday bonuses are only eligible for travel contract assignments. Per diem, non-travel contract assignments, and those employees already required to work a holiday, are exempt and not eligible for the holiday bonus program. CareerStaff Unlimited reserves the right to terminate the holiday bonus program at any time.