Self-Care Awareness Month & Discounts for Nurses and Clinicians

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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Tips on Practicing Self-Care Awareness for Nurses and Clinicians

Healthcare workers have been the front-line fighters throughout the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, causing many clinicians to experience stress and feelings of burnout. It’s now more important than ever for nurses and clinicians to monitor and protect your mental health and well-being.  Excessive stress and tight schedules during this time may often prevent you from practicing self-care. However, self-care is an essential part of your everyday life.

As a healthcare professional, you put the needs of others before your own and it’s important for you to take time to practice self-care as well. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and we’re sharing a few ways companies like Nike, HelloFresh, Casper, and more, are thanking healthcare heroes like yourself with discounts, and how you can take some time to tend to your well-being through self-care.

Consuming a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Being on your feet all day barely gives you time to be able to consume a proper diet or drink an adequate amount of water. However, the temptation to rely on easily accessible snacks or food from vending machines that are high-fat and sugary can lead to a blood sugar crash and affect your health in the long term. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day and consuming a healthy diet filled with the right proportions and adequate quantities of healthy macronutrients, fruits and vegetables will help provide natural energy and fuel throughout the day. Consider preparing your meals or packing healthy snacks to avoid often easily accessible unhealthy options.

Practice Deep Breathing

Keeping in mind the current pandemic, as a clinician you are more likely to feel overworked and burned out due to the increasing number of cases every day, which can negatively impact your mental health. Deep breathing, which is also known as Diaphragmatic Breathing, is a practice of breathing through your belly while contracting the diaphragm. This consists of breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Studies have shown that taking at least five minutes a day to practice deep breathing not only relieves emotional and physical exhaustion but also reduces the feeling of anxiety and depression. Practice deep breathing when taking restroom breaks or lunch breaks to help relieve tension and exhaustion.

Get Active and Enjoy Fresh Air

Getting active and exercising has a multitude of positive effects on the body. The release of endorphins can help provide a better night’s sleep and reduce anxiety. Taking exercise outdoors will also provide a great dose of Vitamin D, the chance to take a much-needed breath of fresh air which can help to alleviate anxiety. Try activities such as yoga stretches or brief walks outdoors to build a healthy self-care routine. 

Although there are many more self-care practices like enjoying your favorite hobby, traveling, or listening to music, the above are some quick activities you may incorporate into your daily life. See some special discounts below to help you jumpstart your self-care month.

Discounts and Deals for Nurses and Clinicians

Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Many companies and retailers are showing their gratitude to thank, support, and appreciate healthcare professionals with amazing discounts. We’ve listed out a few organizations below that can help nurses, clinicians, and healthcare workers like yourself practice self-care:

Nike: First responders and medical professionals are eligible for a 10% discount in the United States. Learn more info here.

Under Armour: First responders and healthcare workers can get 20% off by verifying your eligibility with

Talkspace: Healthcare workers can receive a 50% discount on the first month of the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan.

HelloFresh and Home Chef: Both of these home meal delivery services are offering discounts for healthcare workers. HelloFresh is offering licensed medical professionals 50% off their first box, plus 15% off other boxes for the next year. Home Chef is also offering healthcare workers and first responders 50% off the first purchase.

Casper and Purple: Healthcare professionals can get 10% off their order with Purple. Casper is also offering a 20% discount for nurses through verifying eligibility with

For more companies that are offering discounts and deals for healthcare workers, visit

Thank You from CareerStaff

Nurses and clinicians in the CareerStaff network – and healthcare workers around the world – have supported and cared for communities in inspiring and incredible ways. In doing so, you risked your own health and well-being, as you’ve done so often before in your commitment to the jobs and the patients who rely on you. We want to thank you and all the many healthcare heroes for your dedication, inspiration, and hard work.

If you’re interested in helping fight COVID-19 where nurses and clinicians are most needed, CareerStaff can connect you with a facility that’s in need of a skilled professional like you. Read more about the benefits of working a CareerStaff travel assignment, or find an assignment now.