Recognizing Nurses for Nurses Week 2021

Last Updated on December 10, 2021

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Happy Nurses Week 2021 from CareerStaff! As one of America’s top sources for great nursing employment opportunities, we’re proud to stand among those not only celebrating the hard-working nursing professionals but also helping them to further their careers and possibilities.

And even though we’re just wrapping up Nurses Week, we’re also entering week 2 of Nurses Month. This week’s focus is on recognition, with the American Nursing Association (ANA) encouraging folks to focus on recognizing nurses and appreciating the hard work they do each and every day.

For instance, our Clinicians of the Month program helps us honor a new lineup of hard-working nurses and clinical professionals every few weeks. Here’s a quick look back at some of the wisdom and experience of these amazing nursing professionals.

Recognizing Nurses for Nurses Month 2021

Recognizing nursing professionals isn’t difficult when so many of them go above and beyond in their mission to deliver exceptional patient care and help improve the environments where they work.

Take Rosie for instance. An LPN from Connecticut and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for October 2020, she was voted Employee of the Month for August 2020 at the facility where she’s currently under contract. “I am the first traveler to ever be awarded that in the history of the building,” she told us.

“I had been worried about being on the right nursing path and if I was performing my best for the facility I’m working at,” she said. “Getting Employee of the month confirmed that I am on the right path.”

Another shining example is Kacie, a Michigan-based CNA who came up with a unique idea to help motivate her co-workers during the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I have completed a drawing, live on the facility TV program, each month since the start of the Covid-19 quarantine,” said Kacie, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for July 2020. “The first drawing was such a success at the facility, they contracted me to complete a motivational art piece on the entryway sidewalk for the staff to see upon entering the building.”

Though it doesn’t take a pandemic to show the heroic and creative side of nurses, we’ve certainly seen a lot of inspiration over the past year.

“This pandemic has changed healthcare completely,” as Alexandria — an LPN and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for July 2020 — told us. “We as healthcare workers have united together like never before. We have each other’s back, no matter the title, and we’ve banded together to provide the best care to our patients while also trying to stay healthy ourselves.”

“I am very encouraged and thankful for the immense support friends, family, and strangers have extended during the last months,” agreed Jenessa, a registered nurse and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for June 2020 about the outpouring of support for nurses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think people always supported nurses and healthcare workers but the recent level of support gives you extra wind under your sails.”

Recognizing Nurses: Everyday Heroes

No matter their level of experience, each of these nurses has a story to share, and wisdom to share. “People are all just human, we really all handle situations the same,” said Geneva, a CareerStaff  Clinician of the Month for February 2021. “We all cry, get upset, get mad, and learn to cope the same. I’ve seen the worst and I’ve seen in the hearts of everyone all tears fall for the lost folks we care for. And we all get back up, dust ourselves off and get back to work to continue bettering the lives of the next patient as best as we can.”

“I [wanted] to be a nurse to help patients get through the most vulnerable times and moments of their lives,” said Masani, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for March 2021.  “Vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness, but it is nowhere close to being weak. Vulnerability is a sufficiently great measure of courage, because we show ourselves in situations that are out of our hands, that we just cannot control, and we rely on the help and comfort of others.”

“The best part of the day is joking with a patient and making them smile,” said Jenessa, a registered nurse and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for June 2020. “Feeling a flow in your practice is also an amazing feeling. ‘Flow’ meaning you are in the zone, doing your job well, giving exceptional patient care, and managing your time productively.”

“The biggest inspiration for me is the caring spirit of my fellow workers,” said Brian, a Clinician of the Month for February 2021. “They truly are the lifeblood of who we are as a team. Just when I think I am to be done with the daily grind, their unwavering spirits renew me and keep me going.”

“I still strive to bring that personal touch to my patients in attempts to at least brighten their day,” said Lisa, an LPN and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for March 2021. “The inspirational part of healthcare for me is being able to make a difference and advocate for my patients. That sense of making a difference is what keeps me going.”

“I have observed such tenderness in my co-workers for their patients,” said Brandee, an LPN and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for December 2020. “It is an honor to work next to them.
“The greatest feeling in the world is to help a patient to heal and see the appreciation on the family’s face and hear [they’re] thankful along with gratitude in their hearts,” said Twiyla, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for May 2021.

Helpful Words Of Experience and Wisdom

A winner of our quarterly raffle, Megan is a CNA who’s focused her career on assisted living and nursing home care. She told us about how the support she got from CareerStaff has helped her in that important goal.

“I was super nervous starting work in a nursing home and was afraid I was going to do my job wrong,”  recalled Megan, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for October 2020. “I called Jessica Renn and she helped assure me that I was capable of anything. To stay calm and know that I know what to do. She put me at ease and after my first shift was over at my first nursing home, I was offered a contract that day️.”

Megan continued with some helpful words to fellow nurses.

“If I can give anyone, no matter what age they are, some advice is, that it’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do in healthcare or in life,” she said. “You start small, try things out, and if you don’t like it, then move on to another field you think you might enjoy. Don’t feel like you have to be trapped in one spot just because you’re not a doctor. You can do anything and make your own choices. No one but yourself can tell you no. No one but yourself can tell you no.”

“I think it’s very important to be able to communicate with your co-workers, patients, and family members,” added Melisa, a CNA and CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for April 2021. “For example, being able to inform the health team about changes in patient behavior is vital to the safety and health care of a person. Lack of communication can create big problems and escalate quickly.”

“Over the years, I have learned that there are many ways to treat and appease different patients and that it is best to always have a positive attitude,” said Cheyenne, a Florida-based LPN and a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for August 2020.

“As new healthcare professionals, never be afraid to ask questions or stand up for your patients,” advised Jeanne, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for May 2021 and nursing professional who’s been working as a nurse for 50 years. “They frequently know more about themselves if you ask, BELIEVE them.”

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