More Than a Nurse…Recognizing Nurses Who Make a Difference Every Day: Nurses Week 2022

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Happy Nurses Week 2022 from CareerStaff! As we enter Week 2 of Nurses month, American Nursing Association’s (ANA) focus for the week is recognition and it is all about encouraging the recognition of nurses for their dedication, leadership, and the hard work they do each and every day. Thank you, nurses, for your unwavering commitment to patients and communities.

At CareerStaff, we know that you’re more than a nurse…. you’re a parent, a daughter, a son, an explorer, a mentor, and a difference maker. To honor and recognize our nurses for Nurses Month and Nurses Week 2022, we’re spotlighting some of our past Clinicians of the Month to learn who they are beyond the bedside.

Recognizing Nurses for Nurses Month

More than a nurse… a Difference Maker.

“The great feeling when you KNOW you have made a positive difference in someone’s life. No matter how fleeting, and no matter who else knew,” said Nanci, one of our July 2021 Clinicians of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… a Parent

“I worked full-time as an LPN while being a single mom and raising my daughter. I know I did my job right when she was a 4.0 student last semester and is going to school to be a Nurse Practitioner!” Lisa, March 2021 Clinician of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… a Mentor

“With my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse, I’m thrilled about the people I have comforted, nurses I have supported, and nurse assistants I have mentored,” said Kathleen, a September 2021 Clinician of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… a Daughter

“Last year, my dad was living in his last days. I was the main source of communication between my family and the hospital. I’ve never been more grateful to be able to be an advocate for my dad, because I was not only his daughter… but a nurse,” said Alyssa, a March 2022 Clinician of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… a Son

“My mom, a registered nurse of 42 years, was a big influence in my life and the reason behind my decision to become a clinician,” said Brian, a February 2021 Clinician of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… an Explorer

“As a travel nurse, I was able to go out on a trip to Massachusetts my husband came to see me and we went on a hot air balloon ride to see the trees changing in the fall,” said Heather, a June 2021 Clinician of the Month.

More Than a Nurse… a Student

“I’m proud of being able to go back to school at 45 and get two associate’s degrees, one in general studies and one in nursing. I’m also proud of raising my son as a single mom,” said Natalie, an August 2021 Clinician of the Month.

Be sure to keep following all month as we spotlight, honor, recognize, support, and celebrate those in our network who are more than a nurse… but a difference maker in the lives of so many.

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