20 Nurse Gadgets You Need: Must-Haves for Modern Nurses

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

nurse in blue scrubs and wearing blue stethoscope playing with nurse gadget in hospital hallway

Gear up, nurses: We’ve curated a list of nurse gadgets, gizmos, and must-haves to make your shifts easier and your days breezier. From the daily hustle to off-the-clock unwind, we’ve got your back (and your stethoscope).

Let’s take a look at some essential nurse’s gadgets, travel nurse must-haves, and exciting tools to treat yourself to after work!

Nurse’s Gadgets to Make Your Shifts Easier

Whether you’re starting your first nursing job or want to upgrade your toolkit, here’s a list of nurse must-haves for the modern healthcare hero:

Digital Stethoscope

Give one of the classic nurse’s gadgets an upgrade by switching to a digital stethoscope. They’re stated to be quicker and more accurate than analog stethoscopes and often have additional features. Plus, if you have a Bluetooth-enabled stethoscope, you can pair it with a mobile app to see and save the data!

Vein Finders

Struggling to find a patient’s veins? IV insertions can be a challenge. Skip the guesswork with vein finders: One of the nurse must-haves. These handheld devices use infrared light to help you locate veins more easily.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors

Wireless blood pressure monitors keep patient care simple. No tangled wires, just easy monitoring. The data can be sent wirelessly for hassle-free, accurate tracking.

Penlight with Pupil Gauge

Make eye exams brighter and better with an LED penlight with a built-in pupil gauge. It’s one of the most convenient nurse’s gadgets for quick and precise assessments.

Nursing Clipboard with Storage

Need another helping hand? Stay organized on the move by using clipboards with storage compartments. They’re perfect for keeping important papers, patient notes, and reference guides within reach.

Nursing Aid Apps

Get access to helpful nursing information and patient care reminders with apps specifically designed for nurses. Apps like Caring Village, PEPID, Nursing Central, and Pedi STAT can help you stay organized and accurate in your care.

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Travel Nurse Must-Haves and Gadgets

Always on the go? Whether you’re exploring the natural beauty of Rhode Island or the vibrant city life in New York, here are some travel nurse’s gadgets to keep you feeling comfortable and confident throughout your adventures:

Portable Coffee Maker

Skip the long drive-thru line and brew your energy on the go with a compact coffee maker! While it’s not one of the essential nurse’s gadgets, it’s great for a quick caffeine fix before those marathon shifts.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Stay hydrated without sacrificing luggage space. Find a reusable, collapsible water bottle to save on waste and space.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Block out the chaos and create your own peace on the road with high-quality noise-canceling headphones. Perfect for both travel and your well-deserved downtime.

Multi-Device Charger

Declutter your charging station with a universal charger featuring multiple ports: Truly one of the travel nurse must-haves. You can keep all your devices powered up simultaneously, which can be super helpful before heading out on the road.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Need internet while traveling? Carry your own reliable connection with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Stay safe by making sure you’re connected wherever your travel nursing adventures take you.

Meal-Prep Containers

Simplify your on-the-go meals with leak-proof containers. Meal prep can be a lifesaver for travel nurses.

Packing Cubes

What if unpacking your suitcase didn’t have to give you a migraine? Make transitioning to each assignment easier with packing cubes. Organize your belongings with packing cubes to fit more of your belongings and make unpacking simpler.

Collapsible Fitness Equipment

Want to stay active after work? You don’t want to pack heavy exercise equipment everywhere you go. Instead, find compact fitness gear like resistance bands or a travel-sized yoga mat so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle as a travel nurse.

Portable Car Jumpers

Safety is everything, especially for an adventurous travel nurse. Portable car jumpers are one of the most important travel nurse gadgets and must-haves. Store them in your vehicle to make sure you’re never stranded due to a dead battery.

Portable Chargers

Don’t let your phone die mid-adventure. With this nurse gadget, stay charged and connected to keep your devices charged when you don’t have access to an outlet.

Nurse’s Gadgets to Unwind After Work

A nurse’s gadgets go beyond their stethoscopes and monitors. Take care of yourself after work with these self-care nurse must-haves:

Mood-Enhancing Light Therapy Lamp

Working during daylight hours? Brighten up your mood with a light therapy lamp that mimics natural sunlight. This nurse gadget and must-have is especially helpful during darker seasons or after those extra-long nursing shifts.

Smart Watch for Health Monitoring

Take care of your own well-being with a smartwatch. Look for one with health-tracking features like heart rate monitoring, step counting, and sleep tracking to make self-care simple.

Portable Hobbies: E-readers, Handheld Gaming Systems, Watercolor Kits, etc.

Find a fun escape after work! Avoiding burnout is all about balance. Don’t forget to find hobbies you enjoy: Read all your favorite books instantly with an e-reader, get creative with a watercolor kit, or have some fun with a handheld gaming system.

Smart Water Bottle with Hydration Tracking

Stay on top of your hydration game with a smart water bottle that syncs with a mobile app. With this gadget for nurses, you can track your hydration and even get notifications motivating you to drink up and keep those energy levels high.

Must-Have Support for the Modern Nurse

You don’t have to do everything the old-fashioned way, searching for a nursing job all by yourself. In addition to nurse gadgets, add one more convenient tool to your nursing toolkit: A recruiter!

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