Helping You Meet Your Nurse Professional Development Goals for Nurses Month 2021

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

Focus on Nurse Professional Development for Nurses Month 2021

Happy Nurses Month 2021 from CareerStaff Unlimited, your source for great nursing career opportunities. We’re following the ANA’s Nurses Month calendar with a week-by-week celebration of the lives and careers of nursing professionals. This week, we’re taking a closer look at some of the ways that we support nurse professional development, and what you can do to take advantage of those services!

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Professional Development for Nurses: Charting Your Best Career Path

What does it mean to work on personal and professional development in your nursing career? It’s all about aligning your career path with your personal goals. For instance, nurses often take continuing education (CE) courses to maintain their licenses, or to acquire new certifications. Both of those are essential parts of nursing.

But how often do nurses take CE classes that help them actually become more satisfied with their careers? How often does professional development for nurses meet up with the personal goals that have often inspired them to become nursing professionals in the first place?

These are important questions. But it’s easy to understand how busy nurses may not have time to really give them the attention they deserve. Make no mistake, though — professional development for nurses should be part of a larger plan to build a career that aligns with your personal goals, in terms of setting, facility type, and even pay rate and the city or state you call home.

And that can take planning! Too often, the important work that nurses do keeps them too busy to give their personal and professional development the proper consideration. So, during this week, we’re proud to join the ANA in focusing on the career resources and insights available for nurses to help their professional development — for Nurses Month 2021, and every day of the year.

Nurse Professional Development Resources From the ANA

According to the ANA, the goal of this week of professional development is to focus “on how you can excel and lead in your nursing career or inspire and help others in their professional nursing journey.” And they’ve organized a lineup of special resources and development tools and events to help you do just that.

At the top of that list is tomorrow’s free webinar on the topic of “Redefining Nursing – Reaffirming Our Practice,” presented by three distinguished leaders of the professional and academic nursing community. Scheduled for 1pm to 2pm Eastern time on May 19, 2021, this webinar discusses the new guidance on scope and standards of practice for RNs and APRNs, including new definitions, future opportunities, new advocacy standards and more.

For nurses interested in building their professional development and giving themselves new career paths, this is a must-attend. It can also be claimed as CE credit for some nurses. You can find more details or register here.

The lineup of professional development resources also includes ANA Enterprise’s Nurse Focus, a set of resources to help nurses navigate their careers. “In addition to using the site for career resources, insight on different nursing paths and job postings, this week, take a look at the Nurse Focus blog for articles on career advice, individual development, leadership/management, and more,” the ANA recommends.
This month the ANA is also offering 25% off of the price of ANCC certifications, and a series of prep tools to help you take those tests successfully. Head over to the ANA’s Nurses Month Week 3 page to get all the details.

Nurse Professional Development Opportunities from CareerStaff

For our part, we at CareerStaff are proud to offer nurses everything they need to not only land a great job, but continue to make sure that they’re always moving on to bigger and better opportunities, too.

Benefits designed to help you live your best life. Having a positive work/life balance today helps you achieve the career of your dreams tomorrow. At CareerStaff, we understand the importance of having nurses working at the top of their game. That’s why we offer not only great pay and comprehensive health insurance but also career-oriented perks like career planning, CE reimbursement, flexible scheduling and more. Read more about our benefits here.

Career transition guidance. We want each and every nurse in the CareerStaff network to land they job they really want. That’s why we’ve designed a complete toolkit complete with tips for writing a CV, setting up your LinkedIn profile, interview prep and lots more.

Development-minded recruiters. True, nurses usually join our nationwide network to get access to great jobs from coast to coast. But we know there’s much more to a successful career than the right assignment. It often takes skilled, experienced and compassionate recruiters to actually make the right connections.

At CareerStaff, our recruiters work with you to best understand what you want not just from your next assignment, but from the one that’s five or ten years down the road, too. And they have the connections and expertise to put that info to the best possible use, helping connect you with the facilities that really need your help — and that can serve as the ideal next step on your career ladder.

A variety of opportunity. If you’re looking to build experience and expertise, you can get quite a bit of each by adding some variety to your job choices. We specialize in connecting nurses with temporary, travel or per diem jobs in a variety of settings they might not normally consider — say, a school, surgical center, or skilled nursing facility.

Help making sure jobs are legit. The wrong career choice can derail your professional development goals by taking you in a different direction than where you really want to go. Even worse, though, is the glut of fake job offers for nurses. Especially in the time of Covid-19, the number of scams targeting nurse job seekers is on the rise. We’ll help you protect your career against them.
The chance to travel pretty much anywhere. Working a 13-week assignment in a setting like a correctional facility or picking up per-diem work at a school can offer exposure to new practice styles, technologies, networking opportunities and professional development. With travel nursing, you can find these types of assignment all across the United States, giving you the chance to focus not only on career development but also see the country and help provide care to those who need it most.

Ready For the Next Stage of Your Professional Development?

Looking for more nursing career development help? Join the CareerStaff network today and connect with one of our career-minded recruiters. You can search our list of available nursing jobs here, or submit a quick application to get started below Good luck — and Happy Nurses Month!

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