How to Find (and Utilize!) a Nurse Recruiter Who Can Help Your Career

How to Find a Nurse Recruiter Who Can Help Your Career

Looking for a new nursing assignment? Whether you’re relatively new to the job or a long-time industry veteran, there are opportunities pretty much everywhere. However, the first step in landing a great one is finding the right recruiter! With that in mind, here’s a look at how to find a nurse recruiter you can trust to go out of their way to find you the nursing job you deserve.

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How to Find a Nurse Recruiter & Why It’s Important to Find the Right One

Nursing has never been an easy job. Today, though, it’s a better job to have than at any other time in history. With nurses in high demand across the country, there are more jobs in more facilities than ever before.

But for those who haven’t explored new opportunities recently, the first question is where to begin. For new and established nurses alike, the first step to landing a great new job is finding the right recruiter.

Why It’s Worth the Effort to Find the Right Nurse Recruiter

Why is finding the right nurse recruiter so important? First of all, because they can connect you with more jobs than you’d be able to find on their own. For instance, recruiters working with large job networks (like CareerStaff) can instantly connect you with thousands of open jobs all across the country.

Finding a recruiter with deep industry knowledge and great connections can lead to even more opportunities — and better ones, too! The best recruiters will know how to represent you to help you land the job you want. They’ll know what questions to ask you to figure out what career is right for you. And they understand how to assess your background to connect you with jobs you can actually land.

In short, having the right nurse recruiter can be the most useful step in landing the job of your dreams. This that’s true whether you’re seeking a permanent, full-time job or a part-time, travel or per-diem assignment.

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How to Find a Nurse Recruiter, Step 1: Where to Begin

When it comes to how to find a nurse recruiter, the first step for many nurses is usually one of the following.

Asking Co-Workers & Friends

The natural first step is to ask for referrals from friends and co-workers. This can include putting the word out on social media — both in friend groups like Facebook and professional networks like LinkedIn.

This is always a great place to start, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure the person referring you can confirm that they have a good relationship with their recruiter, for instance. The recruiter shouldn’t be their friend, but a professional who has successfully connected them with good jobs in the past.

Attending Conferences & Other Events

From annual expos hosted by groups like the American Heart Association to specialty events around critical care, emergency nursing, pediatrics, mental health and more, events can be a great spot to meet nurse recruiters.

But with so many options, how can you be sure that the recruiters you connect with at nursing conferences and events are really concerned about your career? Pay attention to what they ask you! Are they really trying to understand your background, and what you want in a future job?

Searching the Internet

For nurses who really want to see what opportunities are out there, searching online is the way to cast the widest net. (It’s probably why you’re reading this right now!) Most of these searches will lead you to companies like CareerStaff, who advertise the quality of our recruiters on job boards and our website.

The first step in how to find a nurse recruiter online is to make sure they can serve nurses from your state. (Because of licensing, a smaller, local recruiter in one state may not be able to help people who live in a different state.) The next step is to make sure that they explain their recruitment process in detail. Even better, search for companies who go out of their way to hire great recruiters, and who value their work!

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How to Find a Nurse Recruiter, Step 2: Building a Great Relationship

Finding a recruiter is one thing. Making sure they’re actually going out of their way to help your career is another! So, what should nurses know about how to find a nurse recruiter who will always work in their best interests? How can you make sure that your recruiter truly understands you and can connect you with the job that’s the closest match to your preferences, education, skills and experience?

Once you’ve found a recruiter you trust, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of them by putting in the work to build a great relationship. The best methods for doing that include:

Be open and honest.

When you’re first building a relationship with your recruiter, it’s important to be open and honest about your background. From everything to your education and skills to personal background, you’ll both be better off if everything is on the table from the very beginning. This doesn’t just help prevent roadblocks from landing new jobs, but also lets your recruiter know that you can be trusted.

Communicate often.

Always respond promptly when your recruiter sends you a message! It’s also important to let them know if you’re no longer in need of a job. After they help you land an assignment, checking in on a regular basis will help ensure smooth sailing.

>Pro Tip: Keeping the conversation going throughout the assignment will also put you in a better position to land your next nursing job – especially for travel nurses!

Be ready to Roll!

Depending on your specialty or location, it may take months or years to land that dream job. Or, it could happen overnight! Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, a job could open at a moment’s notice. It could be the result of the current worker getting a promotion. Or, the hospital or facility may add new positions to meet up with demand.

Either way, the lesson is the same: Expect the unexpected, and be ready to respond if you get an urgent message from your recruiter! Even if you can’t take the job at that time, your recruiter will appreciate getting your response as quickly as possible. That will help let them know that you’re serious about your career, and put you top of mind for new opportunities down the road.

Keep it professional.

“One important fact to remember is that your recruiter works for you,” write the experts at Gypsy Nurse. “He/She is not your friend, but a business connection.  I have seen many travel nurses accept something less than what they wanted simply to ‘please’ their recruiter.  It’s important to keep a professional relationship with your recruiter.”

Wondering How to Find a Nurse Recruiter? We Can Help!

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