Happy Nursing Professional Development Week 2022!

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Happy Nursing Professional Development Week 2022 from CareerStaff

From the entire team here at CareerStaff, we wish every one of the nation’s hard-working nurses a happy and productive Nursing Professional Development Week 2022!

And, as we’re always quick to point out here at the CareerStaff blog for nursing professionals, few things are important to a nurse’s career than the chance to engage in professional development. In addition to helping you learn important new skills and refine existing ones, nursing professional development provides the opportunity to take your career to exciting new places.

Why Professional Development?

According to the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD), Nursing Professional Development Week — or NPD Week, as it’s often called — is an opportunity to “recognize the exceptional work done by nursing professional development team members.” That means giving a special shout-out to the educators, volunteers, team leads and other professionals who are critical to organizing professional development opportunities, all throughout the year.

The most common form of nursing professional development is continuing education (CE). Credits toward CE can be received through classes, webinars, or conference attendance. The credits are an indicator of a nurse’s skills, and are usually required to gain new specialty certificates. In some nursing jobs, and/or in some parts of the country, ongoing certification isn’t just a good way to stay competitive as a job seeker, but is actually required to maintain a license.

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Nursing Professional Development Week ‘22: “Let’s Celebrate You”

With the theme of “Let’s Celebrate You,” this year’s NPD Week is all about recognizing the work nurses, educators, assistants and team leads have done to stay engaged in career development over the past few difficult years. And if you’re looking for ways to join in the celebration, the ANPD has a few useful recommendations for doing just that:

  • Take part in any available educational activities, or help organize some for your facility
  • Celebrate your team’s achievements in professional development with the NPD Week Celebration Kit, chock full of “easy-to-use tools to celebrate with your organization and share the value nursing professional development practitioners provide.”
  • Make a point of thanking or congratulating your managers or fellow team members, especially those actively involved in CE or professional development (the NPD Week Celebration Kit has some sample emails)
  • Give a gift — the ANPD has a collection on their website, or check out our list of great gifts for nurses and clinicians
  • Teach others in your facility about nursing professional development — the Kit also features a printable flyer to get the word out, as well as special graphics to use on social media
  • Send a “Virtual High Five” with the official NPD Week e-card
  • Participate in the 2022 NPD Week video contest (update: entries are already closed for 2022, but this is the perfect week to start getting footage for next year’s video!)

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And for those nurses in search of a new career opportunity, what better time to land a great new job than during Nursing Professional Development Week 2022? Whether you’re looking for a new job in your region, or are interested in travel or contract nursing assignments, we’ve got you covered with thousands of jobs across the United States, as well as top pay and some amazing benefits.

You can get started on your next career path today by checking out all available nursing jobs, or by filling out our quick online application. And, once again, from everyone at CareerStaff Unlimited, have a great NPD Week 2022!

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