Happy Holidays 2021 from CareerStaff Unlimited!

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Happy Holidays 2021 from the team at CareerStaff Unlimited! Whether you’re a nurse or a therapist, a technician or a pharmacist, or one of the many other essential healthcare workers, we’re wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

We’re Honoring Our Essential Workers During the 2021 Holiday Season

We’re big supporters of essential workers here at CareerStaff. Nobody understands better than we do that the work that you do is difficult at all times — and especially so during the pandemic. More than ever before, we know how important it is to offer respect and recognition for the exceptional work that nurses and clinicians do every single day.

And we work to provide that recognition in a number of ways, including:

  • Offering amazing, high-paying travel jobs across the country
  • Providing a suite of top-notch benefits that includes great pay, full insurance, 401(k) matching and much more
  • Ensuring that front-line workers are protected with quarantine pay and 24/7 support
  • Continuing to provide the nation’s leading lineup of amazing clinical jobs, all across the United States

But don’t just take our word for it! Our network of amazing nurses and clinicians agree that receiving recognition can be a game-changer during these difficult times: “The biggest change I’ve seen in the day-to-day life of clinicians over the last 10 years is how respected nurses have become,” as Marisa, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for December 2021, recently told us.

“In the community when people find out I’m a nurse they are so thankful, especially since Covid, people are so grateful for us,” she added. “I get ‘thank you for all that you do’ greetings, and that is very humbling.”

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And of course, as Covid-19 surges yet again across the United States, staying safe and healthy at work has never been more important. At CareerStaff, we’ve worked hard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our workers since the earliest weeks of the pandemic. You can check out our Covid-19 safety protocols here, which include a rundown of:

  • Useful links for staying safe on the job, and what government regulations apply to the clinical workplace
  • Frequently-asked questions about on-the-job safety
  • Updates from the CMS, U.S. Department of Health, and other important organizations

Get Covid-19 Updates Here

Throughout these difficult times, we’ve been proud to be a leading light for frontline jobs for the nation’s essential healthcare workers. Whether you’re traveling to a hard-hit area to help work critical acute care jobs or helping fill shifts at a local facility, your contributions have never been more important. And we appreciate each and every one of you!

Happy Holidays from CareerStaff

So once again, thanks to all of the nurses and clinicians out there working hard to keep Americans safe and healthy. And if you’re one of those workers in search of a new career opportunity, we invite you to browse our list of available jobs. We’ve got thousands of great assignments available at any given time, with new ones added each day.

Once more, happy holidays 2021 from CareerStaff Unlimited! We’re honored to have you on our team. And don’t forget — you are appreciated!

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